White/Gold and Royal Gold Curate Coats

I was looking at the White/Gold coat and thought it was perfect for my character so I checked it out on marketer and eve-central to see what it usually goes for. Not a single sell order. Then I was like “Ok, I’ll just do the next best then” and checked into Royal gold. Same issue.

Were these limited edition outfits that aren’t commonly sold? Items that have been added to the market but not generated in-game yet? What is the status with these items?

@Andar_Novaren there’s a number of apparel/cosmetic items in game that have not been released yet. No clue as to when some of them will be made available.

Only the bronze black red and festive have ever been in game.

Ccp makes stuff, makes palette swaps, and only release a handful of them.
There’s like 6 versions of the girls ‘Greave’ boots but only the original greaves are in game.

(Ccp lazy)

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