Men's Field Marshall Coat regular and / green

Does anyone knows how those items came into the game and how many of those are in the game ? Thx

I can’t fully answer your question but what I do know is roughly the story behind the regular coat.

There was a special offer made to Russian players at one point where if you bought the package you got a Iskukone Special Edition Shirt. These were supposed to be unique one-off items. Added for this event and then no more. Well that was until someone from CCP decided to add this shirt to the clothing shop for 300 Aurum (iirc) in a patch where they were fleshing out the shop. Apparently there were no fail-safes in place to prevent this from happening. So the shirt tanked, CCP backpedaled, and everyone who had the Special Edition shirt pre-fuckup had it traded for a Men’s Field Marshal Coat instead with the strictest of CCP promises (lol) that these coats would be unique and never given out again. “Policies” were put in place to ensure this didn’t happen again.

The Ishukone Special Edition Shirts still in the game from the fuckup were left and the shirt hasn’t been given out since. But no promises were given about its uniqueness or current state.

The silvershore greatcoat was their compensation for this iirc.

Seems that story was in fact the “Field Marshall Coat”?

Edit: no, Cody is right - even though CCP Navigator says Field Marshall coat in that post i linked from 2012, on the next page in the same thread a players says: “Thank you for a new ‘Silvershore’ Greatcoat”.

This post from 2014 says the the "men’s marshal jacket " - could be the “Men’s Field Marshall Coat” - was given in its own one-month subscription offer.

Yes, Cody is right. The Silvershore Greatcoat was the compensation for the mess-up. I saw one thing and thought another, my bad.

So, the Field Marshall Coat was an item in the NEX, the original aurum store. It was the second costliest item at the time after the infamous 12k aurum Monocle. At the time it was worth 9k aurum which was ~2.5 PLEX at that time which made it worth ~$45. The coat was removed from the store at some point. IIRC it was when they removed the NEX and switched to the NES.

I bet everyone would buy those monocles now.

thx ppl, …

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