Who did this, we would like to know and prize for owner

Come forth evil one and claim your prize!

Open your account and show proof by sending me a evemail to claim what will be yours Son!

This devil spawn of Frostpacker’s New Eden’s finest shall be rewarded with gifts from this day and the day of creation spawn date in New Eden.

Together we shall take control of this phenomenal moment to scribe this miracle into the history pages.

Im sorry for your loss


Did they feed the corpse to the piranhas? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :snowflake:

Someone left the clone bay door open and a clone went rogue ?

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I can never again eat cookies while watching a Cronenberg movie. Damn you, David !

Had just read that David’s latest film might be too gross for some fans.

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Definitely your son, just as ugly as you.

How could you ignore me on one pilot but not the other?

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