Evil twin brother of ISD Buldath?

(Mikhem) #1

Today I was reading EVE forums in rain with smart phone. Then drop of water found its place to right spot on phone screen and created amusing sight. I took photo of it with my camera.

(Nana Skalski) #2

Is impersonation of evil twin brother of @ISD_Buldath allowed? :thinking:

That monocle and evil smile… needs only a pet fedo in the picture.

(Sebs Pride) #3

One thing that has always amused me about eve is that ISDs are reconized, not just by the name but their avatar.

(ISD Buldath) #4

He’s Back?!

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #5

I’ll get the bleach, you go get the rope.


(ISD Thalack Dalhar) #6

Maybe we have to use some stronger methods this time, @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode ?

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #7

It’s feasible, but we’d have to take care to ensure that we don’t destroy most of the area around him. I’m thinking a tactical nuke from low orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

(Yiole Gionglao) #8

I will say just one word: railguns.

(ISD Thalack Dalhar) #9

Not good enough, he’ll live.

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #10

Rod of God would also be a good choice.

(Yiole Gionglao) #11

Mass drivers!

(Yiole Gionglao) #12

Oh, and John Wick too.

(Aetrid) #13

Be sure, heresy is too insidious to trifle with:

(system) #14

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