Who else can't launch game client after Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1809?

As it seems latest launcher update + Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1809 made game client itself “unlaunchable” (last time when I logged in at 2019.02.07 everything was fine). Although I already filled bug report and sent all relevant log files, I wanted to know, who else beside me suffers from the same problem?

Have a nice day,
War StalkeR.

I have the same problem. Have not being able to launch client for about a week now after updating Win 10 to 1809.

Me as well. I’ve started a ticket with EO. I do know the 1809 update took a LONG time - so much so I was afraid it had bricked my (older) system.

Works fine.

After latest QoL/Security updates for Windows 10 and EVE Online patch game can be played it yet again without problems.

GM Mechanic advised me to (re)update my video drivers. My guess is the 1809 update killed what I had in place (slightly older GeForce drivers). Installed the latest from NVIDIA … and no joy :P. Rebooted, and all works fine.

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