Who is who in Low/Null

Good morning… Where can I find out who is who in low and null? I would like to join a smaller alliance/group of good guys/gals in null trying to defend their turf from the barbarian horde… lol… I’m really into the ships and combat aspects of the game, but I’m not looking to gank or step on the little guy in any way… I would rather be ganking the gankers and crashing gate/hub campers… I don’t want to grunt a money-sucking corp or join a Hitler-youth-led group… I would like to find a smaller group of good-natured people with a good comradery who are enjoying all aspects of the game out in null, exploring, mining, and defending themselves from evil… lol… :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend posting your query in the Recruitment Center section of the forum to get a wider selection of responses or options:


Good luck in your search!

Thanks… I’ll do that…

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Follow these two links they will give you a wide notion of where everybody is.


There is a difference between well managed and laid-back corporations. Also, there is no real good and bad. There are groups competing for resources and territory, a lot of different tactics are used. None of this should be linked to real life extremisms. Please adjust you attitude. #ItIsJustAGame #KeepRealLifeOutOfHere.

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Soooooo… my 2 cents…

The best way to find a good corporation in Low-sec is to just go out there and do stuff.
Shoot some people… talk with them… become a “regular” in a certain area.

If people like you enough (and/or trust you) you may be invited to join some common chats and/or fly with people.
Based on how you act and what you do, this can lead to more trust and eventually an invite into one of these smaller corporations.

It takes a little time… and while doing this you spend most of your time attempting to survive or blowing up outright.
But if you keep plugging away, stay social, and maintain a good attitude then good things will eventually follow.
And, because this IS a game after all, try to have some fun.

Faction warfare, despite its many flaws and issues, is a good starting point to get your foot in the door.

More than that… even if you don’t like the people you are flying with… don’t “burn down bridges.” Those people you don’t like may know some others that you mesh better with. Simply be honest, tell them that you are looking for a group that fits you better. No one will hold that against you. Say your goodbyes and move on. But maintain that relationship!
Play the long game.

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Look, one major null war just finished. You can find some small teams left in Cloud ring (Galimistan) but they are pretty much pvp oriented (so ganking roams are pretty much usual). Apart from that south, south west, west and north west is under firm control of large coalitions. North lost the war and now rebuilding. But it is again, large coalitions and their pets (renters). East is a strange, unstable place, atm… But most probably it is the same as the rest of sov. null or soon will be.

So on your place (“a smaller group of good-natured people with a good comradery who are enjoying all aspects of the game out in null, exploring, mining, and defending themselves from evil”) I would try to get in southeren part of NPC null region Great Wildlands.

There was a group not long ago, who defended themselves against evil self-claimed land lords called E.B.O.L.A. But I did not heard from them for some time. And there are rumors, that part of defeated caldari FW coalition came there.

But at least it is a place where to start looking, IMHO. Take nullified, cloaky T3 cruiser and try to find some Capitalist Army members around 52V6-B. They will tell you the whole story…

^^ This.

Many corps work on a shoot then recruit basis.

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