How do you group in EVE?

Hello everyone,
Over the years I’ve played eve in various places around new eden and for me main thing was trying to be part of a group as this is an MMO and not single player game.

But each time was a failure…

Back when I started I joined the usual “Newbie friendly we invite anyone” guild which was nice but ridiculous as everyone was spread all over the place without central area. which meant during war decs we were easy prey.

Then I’ve tried some indy, back when mining barges were a thing and used yield not time to measure cycle. It was nice group with station and all but each time there was a war dec we were told to stay in station > it is a game after all and spining in doc is not my choice of fun.

Tried some Faction Warfare with frigates, joined first a gallente corp which was very nice but the meta game of flipping systems, running from battle all the time and overall weird doctorins made me move forward.
Tried some Caldari FW corp… oh boy… what a desolated space… I jumped around like 20-30 systems in circle until I’ve find someone willing to fight me - one sided in his favor but still better then spinning in station.

Decided to try the Empire Life, Joined at some point to two opposing factions in null. I will not state names but overall I had to use 2 monitors and 3-4 applications beside the game itself just to run all the communication software, intel channels and more. It felt like I’m some kind of operator at a phone company or something with 2 million wires in front of me. Worst part was null felt really boring - I’ve got more pew pew in highsec.
most of null that I’ve experienced was people doing PVE and once there was neut on local everyone docked until he left. once a day t most I’ve seen some fleet action but minor things like “escort the titan” or roam in firgates into low sec for shenanigans.

Null also was very hard on the logistics, it was very hard to get anything and I had to schedule a delivery from my non corp alt in highsec. In the end I felt like I’m working hard and doing nothing at the same time so I decided that empire null is not for me.

I thought maybe try Wormhole space but seems I’ll need to practice scanning first and read a bit. About living in lowsec it seems counter productive I don’t see the appeal.

Can you give me some guidance or advice how to get involved with decent corporations playing for fun and not sitting all day in station?


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Funny, that you say this … because from what you wrote I was about recommending lowsec. Easy logistics, and PvP is more focused on fun, not on empire building.

can you elaborate?

from my experience iirc Low Sec is either utterly empty or filled with campers on the hot spots which connects to the main routes.

Also iirc in Low sec even though you don’t have concord you still have guns on stations\gates which will target you at certain moments no? long time since I was there.

From my experience in whs, if you like cloaky hunting or BRAWL , then you found the right place.

Also, with whs, you’ll be playing closely with your corp. COmmunicate with them everytime you log in, learn to play with them while learning how whs work.

You’ll be spending 90% of the time rolling or scanning down the chain if your corp is pvp focused.

You’ll feel like you’re playing a whole new game with different mechanics and gameplay.

I’m explaining you what you should expect from living in wormholes.

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Check my killboard, lowsec is more than alive, especially FW space. Rarely any 2h fleet roam in Black Rise ends with less than a dozen kills and a billion destroyed. Station and gateguns are relevant, but don’t prevent PvP (tank, rotating point, logi), even can be used to your advantage.

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I think I hang out around black rise a year ago ±… was desolated. this days it’s populated?

There were some quieter times, but it looks good now during EvE prime time ~1900. Just give it a try as a pirate. The “sov” part of FW is dead imo, thanks to Upwell structures.

Camping choke points is still a thing, sure, though perceived less than a year ago (more than half the time you can go through Tama uncontested).

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Hi sir!
I’m not sure, but my guess is; you’ve been unlucky with the choosing of corporations.
Our group is almost like family, we drink beer and talk ■■■■ all the time.
Our null sec isn’t what you discribe. It’s full of stuff going on.

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