Who maintains Backstory section on community site?

How can I get in touch with a team or a person who maintains Backstory section on community.eveonline.com?

I dunno, write an email to CCP or one of the devs mayhaps?

The backstory section on the community site is deprecated in favor of https://fiction.eveonline.com/ . This fiction portal is maintained by CCP, with the assistance of ISD New Eden Correspondents.

- Thalack

Would you say its around for historical reasons? Well, historical, and there’s possibly a few things still there not anywhere else,like the pseudoscientific articles?

Is there any way to privately contact ISD New Eden Correspondents?

Send me an evemail.

The scientific articles should all be on the FP.

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Hmm. I see the interstellar travel bit is still in its 2003 form. I’m surprised the bits about two suns required and “just one stargate per system” haven’t been amended.


As far as I know, that’s one of the few details that have actually been retconned (as of EVE Source iirc) - it’s still everywhere, though

Used to be you could bug report obvious mistakes in the official fiction site and they would get fixed eventually. Is this still the case?

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First time I’ve heard of this that I remember - bug report how? From the in-game tool or?

There are a few ways actually:

  • https://github.com/ccpgames/eve-fiction-issues/issues was made when we launched the new fp so we could track some issues with that… It’s not really for content issues, but it might suit your needs
  • Evemailing me, as always, works. As per usual, I don’t always check my evemail every day, so don’t expect speedy responses, but I generally forward them to the team to pick up.
  • ISD:ECAID knows where to find me/the team, so if there are bugs that pertain the fiction portal that end up in the bug report queue, likelihood is that they’ll end up with us as well.
  • Poking me when you see me in a channel, always an option.

Thalack, what channel?

BTW, since you are here :slight_smile: , the Lore section of FP hasn’t been working for 2 days. When I select it from the dropdown menu I get ERROR displayed at the top of the page.

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