Who makes the demand for final resourses from planetary bases?

Are they demanded by NPCs? Are they demanded by players? What can players make of them?

Hi sir!
It’s safe to say, all stuff in EVE are made by and used by players.
Planetary Base; I assume you mean Planetary interaction. And refering to the “Base” you mean Command Centers you build on the planet.
Tier 4 is the final resource of “PI”. It’s used for many things in manufacturing. Player owned structures. Capital ships, items like Mobile Tractor Unit.

Lower Tier are used for all kinds of stuff. T2 drones need Robotics and Guidance System. Nanites in Nanite repair Paste. T2 ships and modules uses all kinds of lower tier.

Here are some more on the subject: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Planetary_Interaction


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