Who turned off the game?

It’s not even close to the time where server maintenance is supposed to happen and I got booted in the middle of space.

I can’t connect now either, this happening to anyone else?

What game?

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Had a major disconnect issue with EVE bout 10 minutes ago. I can finally reconnect, didn’t know what was going on.

Solar winds maybe affected your wifi, tried wifi spray?



The game just hates you.

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You do know there are about 2 dozen points between your PC and the ‘server’ that can be responsible for disconnection, right??

Which is pretty much what we and Cloudflare, our network partner, could determine. We looked at this incident this morning and Cloudflare was able to determine there were issues reaching our origin for a brief period, but the tunnels between EVE’s datacenter and Cloudflare had no errors and there were no errors on any of our IP transit partners. I want to assure you that we did most certainly not ignore this, but we were not able to establish any cause.


is sisi down?

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