Who want to play with me together

I’m new to come to EVE and want to do business, I need partner, who want to play with me

In light of such a request, your name creeped me out. Not the best choice for the marketing :slight_smile:

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Vampires are bad… Poisons are bad… Poisonous Vampires are uh… stake your heart with a cross, douse you with naphtha, toss a match and run like the wind kinda bad!

Good luck with that

It’s a double negative therefore it’s a positive

I want to be partner. I have sharp business skill and mind like goat.

Me resume

  • Focused
  • Calm
  • Compassionate
  • Fun
  • (not actually a goat! Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahaha)

Yes or no?

Looks legit

Can my uncle from Nigeria play too? I’ll have him send you an email, he’s always sending me emails.

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Have you got a long term goal? What are you aiming to accomplish?

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Dorrim if you wish to be compet with I then let’s see ur resume. I am his partner. We make many IsK and laughter is there also.

Once you fleet up with someone and roam together, especially in lowsec, be sure to link your deathmail. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

You have posted this topic across multiple sections, I STRONGLY suggest you stop before the forum mods ban you form posting.

Stop backseat moderating, friendo. Our lovely ISD are more than capable.

Was simply advice, my apologies if it came across as anything else

Plenty of potential business partners in Jita local. They can double your investment in no time.

Speaking of Jita local, don’t forget to buy a couple of those 1 mil Geckos as well. :slight_smile:

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so sad you beg for friend on public forum

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