Why antigank?

So, like, when are you going to start on your journey of growth, transformation, and redemption?

Perhaps you could start your own thread about it instead of derailing the important matters under consideration in this one.

Unless, of course, your odd behaviour is intended to demonstrate to us your own, doubtless noteworthy achievements in the field of spiritual advancement.

One of the requirements of posting in the C&P sub-forum is that the poster - if not asking a question - should know what the hell he’s talking about.

How will you guide others to Washington, if you are on the road to Florida?

First lesson: Humility.

Proverbs 26:4

And I didn’t have to do 30 rewrites to reply.

I carefully revise everything I write, in case of misunderstandings. It doesn’t always work!

You are not qualified to make this judgment (about not responding to people whom you regard as fools). It is a rather obvious get-out though.

If you think I’m a fool, indulge me; expose my folly! Your elevated spiritual state will protect you against any manifestation of the dark arts.

Or else, of course, stick to the topic at hand.

What I have learned over the years when dealing with fools is to just say “You are right” So you are exactly right.

‘Then Jesus said, “Whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into fiery hell ” (Matthew 5:22c)’

I think that just about wraps it up.

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The original post was not a genuine inquiry, but rather a cry for attention from someone who has a very dark past. The poster’s real intention was to seek validation and recognition, which they felt they had once had but was subsequently lost.

The post was an attempt to recapture the attention and admiration they once held, but instead of being honest about their true motivations, they masked their feelings behind a seemingly innocuous question. The question “Why ant-gank” was merely a desperate attempt to regain a sense of relevance and importance, as they felt relegated to the shadows of obscurity.

This person’s dark and troubled past has left them feeling like a mere player, forced to operate beneath their perceived station in life. Their post was a manifestation of their inner turmoil and desire to reclaim the spotlight, but it was not a genuine request for information or understanding.

when we choose to walk in the light, we are willing to be honest with ourselves and others, and we are open to receiving guidance and correction

Proverbs 18:13

You are right.

I saw it differently. Aiko and her band of gankers are cluster-famous. She is a trillionairess and has a rating on zKillboard that many EVE players would like to achieve.

She is surely one of the most successful EVE players around. Do you doubt this?

The old days are gone. New times are here. I too would like to turn back the EVE clock to an era when my own activities were moderately well received. It won’t happen and, just like Aiko, I must make use of the new realities. I think she has done well.

The Anti-Ganking movement has always trailed along behind the curve. Dracvlad believes that changes to mechanics have made the playstyle unattractive - in particular those relating to Remote Repping.

Githany Red has also created many posts outlining the challenges faced by those with a desire to thwart the Gankers’ Art.

Thus, I think it quite reasonable for Aiko to pose the question. Why, indeed, antigank, if the playstyle grants so few rewards and involves a lot of empty waiting around?

We can certainly argue about Aiko’s motives in creating this thread, but I think it’s more profitable discussion-wise to address the issues actually raised within the post itself.

Your post seems to avoid that discussion and to focus, rather, on speculating about the putative motivational psychology of the poster herself.


Apparently, I’m still #1?

Does anyone else even play this game???



You will always be remembered and rewarded for your greatness Princess Aiko

Exceedingly impressive, sir! I must say, you are absolutely… RIGHT!

LMAO when you say "Aiko and her band of gankers how are you able to assume gender? They may still have a friend or two, but this is one person with gross amounts of alts nothing more.

Hey, some people like to eat a specific type of fish with big whiskers that you can noodle for.

Spoken like a true ALT.

Davenchi has really gotten her panties twisted in a bunch, hasn’t she?


You sir are RIGHT.

Glad I accepted the free interdiction nullifier.

Why the capital letters for His alts and he , how can she be every gankers. After a time you can’t hide who your alts are if you use them equally. I know many of them .

A while ago the question was who is playing Aiko today but all that silliness stopped . No doubt certain players who become well known are indeed good for the game, once they reach that status they should be given special privileges but that’s for another chat.