Why antigank?

Why the capital letters for His alts and he , how can she be every gankers. After a time you can’t hide who your alts are if you use them equally. I know many of them .

A while ago the question was who is playing Aiko today but all that silliness stopped . No doubt certain players who become well known are indeed good for the game, once they reach that status they should be given special privileges but that’s for another chat.

yup you are RIGHT.

Life and the TRUTH always seems to find a way.

Spoken like a true ALT

He sure is…You are right.

I’m so curious whats been hidden now.

All things will be revealed in time have faith.

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Wow someone that replies faster than me, what is this maddness.
I sometimes close forums only to immediately open them again by habit.

I am no forum warrior just a warrior for truth and light. All things revealed in his time. I am but a simple implement who will shine light where it is needed, and it will be glorious. When the time gets here grab a bucket of popcorn strap in and enjoy the show.

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It is a distraction.

He means ‘tool’, of course.


Of course amazing enough once again… “You are right”

Once the truth is revealed you will make many attempts at distraction and deflection but once brought to LIGHT the TRUTH shall set you free.

I’m ganking right now if any of the antigankers want to log in and stop me.

You don’t need to be stop from ganking only exposed

What are you talking about?

Talking about you good sir.


All shall be revealed in HIS time, Not when you want or when I want but when it is HIS time.

So you are just spamming?

Nope just answering your questions.