Why antigank?

Do I need to? Looks like I am playing EvE at this moment. Are we not playing? Are you not entertained?

No, my guy, these are the forums - this isn’t the game.

Are you feeling quite well?

Do you not know where the mute button is or log off button is Sir?

Well, there you go, a typical antiganker. All talk, no action.

The action will come. I suspect it will not be the action you anticipate.

Ok miner.

I believe they call this foreshadowing in the entertainment industry.

You sir are right.

Can’t see what’s to gain from this , although I’m confused if your talking in or out of game facts .

It’s all about the characters we play here and what ever people’s real life is I don’t care. For me Aiko is a great nemesis to have even if she’s an AI I don’t care.

Oh dear have I now got Stockholm syndrome also?

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Everyone loves a good Villian.


What he said.

I just want to acknowledge @Thotamon for finally getting on board the gank train, quitting that antiganker lifestyle and joining us in Delve. Karmafleet appreciates your loyal service, and on behalf of my alts, thanks for helping Titanswarm grow!

:honeybee: :darkbeerparrot: :honeybee:


That’s nhce

Mark 9:47

Also as long as we are doing ancient Amarr roleplay, I’d like to say I like KJV the best, though J.R.R. Tolkien is a great writer.

/smacks Aiko Danuja with a rolled-up plex

Indeed you do. Being a blonde though, easily fixed by Dr Zaera Keena as not much there to fix in the first place. Treatment will involve transferal of infatuation from AIko to Zaera via Gankotherapy.


I feel like that image summarizes the whole topic.

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No it shows that you don’t understand how a blonde pilot can be just as smart and successful as a Burnette.

I think that’s not very inclusive, and boarders on racist stereotypes. What about pilots that have shaved heads?