Why are Catalysts used to gank instead of Thrashers? Asking for a friend

What are you talking about? Miners are the scourge of EVE ravaging asteroid belts, stripping them clean. Some of these filthy miners don’t even have mining licences.

Miners require pest control to stop them overrunning the belts and flooding the markets with thier ill gotten minerals.

They are so consumed with greed that they don’t even fit tanks to their dirty little barges.


Yes it obviously differs per system security status. And even within same system security I think the respond times had 0-3 seconds differences. Or was it -3 - +3? I don’t remember, but it is not the same.

Btw of course the catalysts are used with Aerator rig. That is why the price is so high, because demand is also high.

And I misunderstand that you are comparing artillery vs blasters. That never even crossed my mind because artillery thrasher is worse in anything but alpha-ing the target. I thought you are talking about autocannons. Well artillery has better dps for first shot, but not in cases where more cycles is possible. Simply because of the above stated delays - if the concord arrives 1-5 seconds after firing with artillery, the catalyst would do a better job.

Yes, this is why I started the thread to learn some things.

My original thesis was based on wiki knowledge stating that in a 1.0/0.9 system concord arrives in 6 secs. I assumed this was constant but have learned since that it is an average. IF concord arrives in 6 seconds in such a system then the Arty thrasher would get more dps, but since that only happens some of the time they do not get dps.

I was also unaware of how expensive repairing sec status was and therefore thought keeping catalysts cheap with meta was the way to go. However since sec status costs tens of mil per gank then it makes sense to go full t2 and rigs as that is actually more economical.

Much has been learned here.

Go read the concord/system security article again.

You just ask away , most of the troll’s are gankers.

Forums are for learning and info , which enables you to survive in eve , gankers don’t want this

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On the contrary, gankers educate capsuleers all the time.


Why is Githany such a saltbear?

Eah, I always tell people go to Google/Youtube honestly.

Noone will miss any educational value on this platform :laughing:

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