Catalyst drive

Many of you have asked if we need any equipment for our anti-ganking adventures, you often say you don’t have the time to ag but would like to help, well here is your chance.

What we need are Catalyst delivered to certain stations , so if you fancy donating some old ships and the time to move them, we will but them to very good use.

So we need ship sent to , Uedama , Dodixe, Rens and Amarr , or any systems close to these spots .

If you deliver any to Uedama please be careful.
Even one ship sent to us will help save us time in reshipping and getting back into action.

And know that every ship sent will be put to good use.

Play your part in all our fight for law and order.
Make any contacts out to me or chat in game.

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That’s the spirit. Just ask! :smiley:

Remember to also do this in local.
There’s always a chance an industrialist catches it.

Worked quite often for me. :smiley:

Btw, what do you need specifically catalysts for?
For ganking?

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They sell them to the gankers in order to fund their anti ganking.


You will see soon but we often use a sniper cata for new player

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Last time I was ganked it turned out he had bought the ammunition from me.
Distinctly mixed feelings about that.


Have you noticed the Cormorant?

Gankers selling mining ships to miners …
… miners selling catalysts to gankers.

It’s the Circle of Life.


Donate Catalysts to CODE. you say? You got it friend, will do immediately!


To me , donate to me , me and my men want them , they have more than enough.
Although I do have several hauler full of ex-code and goon fittings for these ships

It’s seems fitting killing them with there own weapons

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How did you end end up with Code property?



Yes we have , was using one the other day and what great range you can get.

Need to have a chat with you in game next time you’re free

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Haha, thanks Xuxe, I didn’t even notice until I saw this post.


For some reason, I seriously doubt that…

Well we will try our best, so let’s wait and see, if your right I’ll tell you, if I’m right , well you will here about it I’m sure.

(Have fun tonight sorry I can’t be there , work in the morning)

Thank you to the pilots who send me ships I know many of you don’t want to be named , I’ll send you a report of how these ships get use.

So if any off you want to help and are unsure what to do please ask and we can set you on the road to help curb the fleets of gankers

Donated ships! Nice! Reminds me of my prime time. :slight_smile:

In case you’re suffering the same dilemma as I did …

When you have ships you don’t know what to use for … sell them and buy better ships.

When you have ships you believe you might be using eventually, because they’re usefull …
… sell them after a week, because they’re just going to rot anyway.

The mistake I’ve made was having ships I didn’t know what to use for, except for special occasions …
… but these special occasions far less frequent than the need for ISK …
… so, eventually, I sold them anyway.

Guess I should move my -10 back to highsec.

By the way … do you know what happened to Dracvlad?
He’s being cryptic about ISDs and I have no idea what’s going on.

He’s posting on the forums, so I’m guessing he can’t play … which is super-weird.
Did someone tickle his nerves so hard that he snapped?

Thank you… we’ll put them to good use o7

He was taking a break , said he might come back not sure when

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He doesn’t write like this at all.
This is totally immersion breaking. :frowning:

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