Catalyst drive

He was always quite the roleplayer.

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How funny.

On a side note Kusions looter got ganked :thinking:

lOLol - everybody knows that’s not Kusion, that’s Thomas the Embezzler’s antiganking looter alt. Haha, ag fails again!

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I’m pleased to announce that the first few catalysts have rolled off the production line, using… ahem… once-used, recycled equipment.

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Is it really necessary to make a forum post to announce that you clicked the industry button? Like jeez, man, do you know how many people in EVE are building ships right now?

People who send us minerals , blueprints like to keep up-to-date with what we do.

Just like some people like to read about your scams .
After all it’s the point of this post.

Btw just got 2 nice Tornado ganker kills in perimeter from kill rights . So pilots never waste a KR

A mineral shipment is on its way to you , keep posting updates,

I know it’s easy to make ships but it adds something to know the minerals donated are from people that support what your doing and the fittings are from looted ganker Wrecks.

I love this idea , even new player who can’t fight back can do there part,

Game play - simple
Entertainment lvl- priceless
Salt collection potential- High


That’s what I like about this game so many things to do from scavenger to null sec warlord, even deluded princess,obviously null sec warlord takes many man hours but there is alway something to do for any level of play you just have to find your niche.

This game is about people power and as we inspire more people to rise up and fight for high sec and order, so we start to win more fights.
We need people more than anything, so join us

Then my word will carry death eternal to those who stand against the righteous…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks - We look forward to putting it to good use…

We’re now looking for someone with a lot of free time, to paint a message on each round … From AG with Love :four_leaf_clover:

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The first donation of minerals has arrived; I’d like to thank the hard-working miners who strive under increasing prejudice and oppression for their kind gift.

Working together, we can start to address the balance. o7

Have you had any success lately? How much longer will we have to wait?

You say you don’t lie and yet, here you are lying on the forums.

Calm Down, Ganker…

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Keep trying to copy us ag clown :joy:

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Resorting to name-calling again? tut-tut

I’m afraid it’s lost on you…