Why are Goonswarm (Wildly Innapropriate) dunking their own Super Capitals?

Dear All,

What on Gods Beautiful Earth is this Flabber-gastery?

Wildly Innapropriate?! One would think Clinically Insane fits the bill more appropriately.

Your concerned Adventurer,

Because they’re goons, half of what they do makes no sense to anyone outside of goons. Inb4 “because you’re not goons” i’m going to say, it’s because we’re not raging weirdos. Seriously though, these guys get way too friggin bored and full of themselves. What’s an awox to them? Nobody is going to recruit a goon anyway, a lol awox is something to kill.

At some point EVERYONE reaches the stage where in-game pixels are just in-game pixels, with no value and thus thrown away for fun. You’re already at that stage with shuttles; probably don’t give second thought to reprocessing or throwing them away. Pixels are just pixels, no difference between a shuttle and any other ship.

Someone didn’t pay somone’s mother the two nickel that were promised? My guess is as good as yours. Not everything has to make “sence” in a game, right?

It’s not complicated. This guy probably did something stupid/toxic and promptly got beaten for it.

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Or maybe he was taking a break from EVE and offered his mates a loot pinata to kill?

Shoot blues errrryday.

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It was a sacrifice to BOB?

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