Why are Plex and Game Time not available on Amazon right now?

Why are Plex and Game Time not available on Amazon right now?

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Perhaps you should ask Amazon.

As Amazon has 606 million items for sale and more than a million partner retailers, I thought it best to direct the question at the partner retailer selling the items I’m interested in purchasing.

Amazon had a promotion, with every PLEX and Pack sale you got a free pack of toilet paper.

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Bezos got ganked and ragepulled all of it off amazon.

I locally purchased ten individual rolls of toilet paper just yesterday.

Is gametime cheaper on Amazon (or anywhere else)? I always just buy from straight from CCP (and try to buy during specials whenever I can).

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Game Time was the same price on Amazon as it currently is on eveonline.com. I have an Amazon account and normally buy Game Time from Amazon. As far as Plex is concerned, I’ve seen the pricing for Plex packages remain constant as the amount of Plex in those packages fluctuates. I have never purchased a Plex package.

My initial question was spurred by the use of Amazon gift cards as payment. I didn’t mention that detail at the start of this thread as it wasn’t important until now.

Gotcha. Thanks.

Buy plex from CCP.

Amazon has sky high fees and runs webs most chaotic catalog

They told everybody in chat. You can’t get it on Amazon no more it’s against the EULA

Pretty good business model from what I can see

It isn’t any cheaper, however for example I can take my business credit card rewards (of which I generate a lot) and turn them into amazon gift cards.

To contact Customer Support and Services, please send an Email to: support@eveonline.com

Type the search term “Worm Plex” in Amazon

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