Amazon - EVE online - Unavailable

Past couple of days Plex and game time are no longer available through Amazon? Anyone have any ideas why? It’s how a purchase everything EVE

Try sending a support ticket and ask there directly.

The plex packages are still listed fine for me on the UK amazon, it even has game time listed, seems like it could just be a regional issue

Amazon is a 3rd party and you may have to ask them about their supply of eve codes.

If you have an eve account connected to steam you could still buy a steam card on Amazon and purchase what you want in steam. (if you must use amazon)

In the rare case that Amazon never restocks and you dont have an eve account connected to steam, then you have to create a new account through steam and transfer your characters (with support ticket) and then use a steam card to fund your eve. (if you must use amazon)

And in the rare case Amazon stops selling steam cards, not sure what you can do at that point (if you must use amazon)

Amazon doesnt give you codes. It’s a third party redemption method. IE when you check out, you tell amazon which of your eve accounts (of those you “attached” to your amazon account) you want the plex or package credited to. You pay, plex shows up within a few minutes.

If you say it is not simply automated game code passing, I believe you.

What I do know is they ran out of Galaxy packs last week in the 50% off sale and it was ‘unavailable’, currently that pack is available but everything else is not (in US region)

:thinking: Clearly says available to me.

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BS. I bought a Meteor Pack a little over a week ago from Amazon and was sent a code. Also, there is no attaching of EvE accounts to Amazon. At least not here in the good ol’ U.S.A.

Try again, and do it right this time. Also, one-off packs are probably sold as codes outside of CCP as a result of only being able to use ONE per account of a given ‘tier’?

edit: here’s a handy dandy link for you too. Stripped down to the basics because I’m not giving out information about my amazon account :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is, sucks to be y’all. I ain’t linking my accounts to nothing. If the Meteor pack had required account linking, I would have canceled the purchase.

sorry guys … i have a question … why buy plex on amazon or markeedragon or others?
why not buy on CCPs own page?
is there a reason i dont see?



So does Google and Facebook. It’s called Single Sign On (SSO) and none of your account details end up on the 3rd party sites. The way it works is that 3rd party developers first have to register with CCP before they can use SSO. The 3rd party site directs the player to CCP’s login site with a id identifying the 3rd party. CCP then takes your account and password, which only CCP knows, and redirects back to the 3rd party. The 3rd party never gets to see your account name or password. All they get is a security token to a strictly controlled set of data. With the new ESI is this even less information than it used to be. One can now no longer tell who is the alt of whom for example.

You want to go to 3rd Party Developers when you want to know the full details of it.

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And if you honestly think that system is in any way infallible, who am I to tell you you’re wrong. Banks can’t even keep your account info safe from third parties.

It works just fine. Take a look at

You can use it to browse the markets of all regions. You don’t have to login, but when you do can you use it to set the in-game route to a station. That’s how easy it is now.

When you click on the button in the top-right corner of EVEMarketer will you see that it gets you to Once you grant EVEMarketer access will CCP redirect back to EVEMarketer and they won’t know of your account details. All they get to see is what you’re being shown on the CCP page where it tells you what exactly it is EVEMarketer wants to access.

Was down for 2 days then back up without explanation for me

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