Why are some people upset about instanced content in EVE?

Is it because for the first time in your misbegotten EVE career you cannot tryhard gank someone while they are trying to enjoy the game? Are you mad because your “muh sandbox PvP” game finally got some challenging content for true PvE’ers? One might even say the Trig pockets almost feel like mini-dungeons in EVE? Do you feel the inevitable sense of tryhard dread, that your game is slowly turning into WoW?

To trot out the oft-used adage on these forums: “Deal with it”

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Not sure what you mean. It’s perfectly possible to get ganked in a trig anomaly.



Here we go…

eve is special because everyone plays at the same server , there is no shards , no gated content , some people including me became a lil upset with the triglavian stances, its agains the original devs philosophy for the game, but now we are ok, the content is kinda good , and you…
i don’t care for you very much , meh 5/10


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