NIce joke PCC

kill 10+ triglavs in the abyss
Have 0/10 daily score.

How you can explain this?
Oh… let me guess: “Try another time”

CCP again show their indifference of player experience.

Not every rat in abyss space is a triglavian. You can run a few abyss sites and not come up against any trigs at all.

I recommend filing a bug report, as I have had the same issue and did that so CCP can fix the issue, instead of making a rant on the forums.

If you think it is a bug, file a ticket. If you don’t think it is a bug but works as intended: HTFU!

:red_circle: Why not rant about it? I mean, what else should you do with that kind of bad programming?

Another example:
They cannot even use their UI properly to make text appear properly. What else is there to do than ranting about utter incompetence?

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Get the thread closed for ranting. Rules are a thing.