Why are there only; Month ending specials?

I do enjoy a good special as much as anyone else, unfortunately we don’t all get paid at the same time.

Some get paid on the first of the month and as much in the middle of the month. what are the concerns from other players that have been shared on this subject so far?

ISO a special for all the missed opportunities and deprived players who struggle in this time of financial unrest to make ends meet and still devote themselves to this game with all there hearts and find entertainment within…

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Save enough money in the sock on the back of the drawer for EVE deals? If all deals are at the end of the month. Instead of complaining, just prepare in advance.

I’m not gonna teach you how to spent your money. But if you don’t have any spare money on end of the month. I personally think that there is more pressing issues than missed deal on dumb pixels.


If a topic posted bothers you, it’s because you have an issue on the inside to deal with. Meditate on it and maybe you can find relief.

I welcome more feedback, especially from the reps and CCP…

This is a consideration for all who are enjoying the game and need an alternative.

The end of the month for you might be the beginning of the the next month for me.

Either way, specials last more than one day. Usually long enough to cover a pay period. Plenty of time for you to cash your cheque and purchase one.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Thank you for posting, now let’s see if we can stick to the subject matter and not to on how to save or spend money.

The time zones are a factor, thank you for bringing that to the table in this subject. I find myself in the * UTC-4

Saving or spending money is the topic, as your inability to do so is the main reason the timing of sales is causing an issue for you.

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We already have UBI at the daily login.

I am sad at the level of childish responses this thread is generating, Grow up and stay on the subject matter and govern yourselves accordingly…

The game is PEGI 12 so… yes, it’s a childrens game (with parental consent).

Touche, now how do we help the people in need…

Who says anyone needs help?

People who are serious about spending their money on EVE will make a way to save for deals etc if they choose to do so. just because you can buy 7-8k plex doesn’t mean the next person has to.

there might be a reason why, strategically for CCP’s business plan to have the deals set when they do… if thats the case then you nor anyone else will implore CCP to change it.

…and yet some get paid at the end of the month, as well. Further, some folks get paid bi-weekly. And others every week. Some people get irregularly paid. Some have multiple jobs so it’s a crazy combination of these.

This makes me think you see a problem which requires a solution for why sales should consider how some – and not other – employers do payroll. I’m struggling to see what the problem is. What is the root problem being faced, and why is caring about payroll payday helping?


Okay, so you are not unable to save or spend money on EVE.

Nobody else has mentioned they see this as an issue, and you have shown it also is not an issue for you.

What is the point of this thread?


The same point of flying legions with both shield as armour and 1mn Civvy AB: lots of high self esteem but no actual reasoning and understanding to back it up.

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Plan for next years sales ahead of time, like how some plan for Amazon Prime day or how many plan for Black Friday and cyber monday sales.

Though one must ask themself what are they really saving if they would rather it now and not have to wait?

What’s to say when a sale appears in the store that when it does, nothing interests you even after saving for such a sale to arrive? The idea of waiting for a sale is only good if buying that item is such a great advantage that it out ways the downside of not having said item for a long period of time which would be rather depressing to put yourself though such I think.

Becides all of the above, let me say that Jita hosts daily sales in the form of hypermarkets and you just have to be there to see for yourself.

As I see it now, many only think in the first person (themselves) and anyone who has marketed sales can understand the benefits of cleaning a table all around. Whether it’s during the first / middle / or end of the month.

CCP is limiting itself to a one-way campaign! (unproductive)

we are all sharing individual thoughts, not actually arriving at a destination? I value real examples of past feedback on why / when /and how the results where achieved that limited this campaign, and would even request a secondary testing campaign to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of such a move.

Could it not save many more players from leaving the game with an alternating schedule of packs, sales or plex rewards?

Individual cooperation only works when you keep the goal AND the subject in front of your personal feelings and answers.

Can this benefit the people who will never post here because of fear of being ostracized by the majority who have no interest to sticking to the subject matter at hand ( the responses of direct saving or spending of money )

( I posted the receipt to halt any more ranting on off topic discussions, avoiding the subject and dealing with personal feelings… )

We can help many people who will never come here to post, after reading several threads of self inflated ego’s posting unrelated answers!!!

So now what, where do we gain value and Help each other move forward: The Community and CCP, make no mistake, they are always watching these topics and reading these threads…

Thank you all for being here: can we help the unfortunate as well as CCP to make a bigger impact in marketing, sales and stop the loss of pilots either by administering alternating sales campaigns or (_____) -fill in the blank team, post your idea’s on moving forward, spam is not recommended to keep CCP interested in the discussion.

Show them that you care :slight_smile:

Is this the answer to my question: “what is the problem you’ve identified that is being solved”? “Stop players from leaving the game”.

That’s fine and all. I just think the timing of the sales of items doesn’t make the top 5 solutions to that problem.

…or is this the answer to “what is the problem being solved”? “Help the ‘unfortunate’ - whatever that definition is”.

In my interpretation, “the unfortunate” are people too poor to afford a sub. I still don’t see how “changing sales timings” solves the problem. Instead, a solution like “CCP makes gifted subs a thing” more directly ingrained into the store platform more readily addresses the problem straight-on: people who can’t afford a sub can get one for free from capsuleers feeling charitable.

…or is this the answer to “what problem is being solved”? "None, we’re just casually shooting the ■■■■’.

Ok, but then why are you policing what is and isn’t allowed to be under discussion, you’ve been branding others talking about personal fiscal responsibility aspects to “timing of sales topic” as “avoiding the subject”, “off-topic rants”, etc which only stifles discussion, as anyone can reasonably see they’re not unrelated topics. Instead of tackling them head-on or just admitting “yeah these are good points but I wanted to focus more about advertising and sales campaign management in a technical, metric-driven capacity” like a greenhorn ad campaign account manager.

I’m not trying to be snarky with the above. I’m trying to engage but your post is quite everywhere and you make it clear if the exact thing you want to discuss isn’t then you’ll brand people negatively. Since the text is unfocused, what you’ve done is set up a field of landmines for myself and others with the promise of “look how free and open this discussion is” though we can see we’re risking stepping on a landmine and getting shut down, which perhaps counter-intuitively means while you exude a tone of “let’s have an open discussion to help ‘the unfortunate’” your substance as written says “if you don’t have the conversation I want then I’ll label you all as bitter trolls” which doesn’t feel free and open.

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Streaming services are going to take a hit due to the stagflationary inflation from loose monetary policy. Unsubscribing will come enmasses (it’s already begun), investors will run to the exits (they already are).

This will impact the drive for the metaverse capture, unless they are open door free access. Anything inside the virtual mall will be luxury and impulse driven. Loose monetary policy is not just a phenomenon of the state, it is from the individual also.

Streaming entertainment and gaming is a luxury of both money and time, same with consumable purchases within such games. Specials or not, it’s still a luxury.

We can’t always have everything we want.

Also, you are now the product (via telemetry). They (elites) see you as livestock or worthless.

If you had your way op then CCP would be having specials all the time and then they wouldn’t be special anymore xD Most people get paid end of the month so that becomes the most logical time for CCP, they wont change it for 10% of the population.

As everyone else has said just put a bit of cash aside at the beginning of the month for your gaming needs for when the specials pop up. The only factor is lack of planning.

I guess one account will have to do then like a normal gamer.

How traumatising is it really to have to watch entertainment with one screen instead of 5 or 10 (or more)?

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