Why are we shown a nestor

why are we shown a Nestor at the beginning of the game for it to be blown up imadityl affter that I belive that might have been are charters nestor and insurance only paid us 15 k for it

because nestor is a fabulous name for a fabulous ship

I want my nestor back as they have no reason to take us to that hanger for it just blow up

I believe it’s called a “plot hook”.

Buy one.

yes with what isk the insurance company gave us

Yeah it sets expectations too high. Even the Astero is a pretty advanced ship. Always bothered me when I watched someone doing the NPE.

I recall undocking the first time and it was like ’ Hey, everyone…look at me…I’m in a Venture !’

I think that illusion has to exist…if the average noob realised just how far they really have to go they’d lose heart pretty soon.

I think I really like the concept of the AstAIRo. The ship is iconic, looks absolutely fantastic, and has a Star Wars-esque vibe to it that I think will get major favor points in quite a few new players.


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