Why be a cog?

Anybody who is saying anything along the lines of “yeah but time spent so do this instead for more isk” might as well just drive for door dash for a couple hours and turn that into a couple bill in eve. Thats assuming you arnt under age or cant get choose to work extra hours at your regular job instead.

I think you are entirely correct. If ISK/Hr is your thing then an US minimum wage job earns you 540 Million ISK/Hr.

Given the current state of the US economy and job market you can get an entry level, unskilled job for a Billion ISK/Hr pretty much anywhere.

If you are going to mine, mission or rat it should be because you enjoy it. If it’s just for ISK you are much better off washing dishes at a local restaurant for two hours a night, once a week for 8 Billion ISK a month.

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Well part of the mining/industrial/mission reward mentality is that Eve was meant to be a self-contained sand box where what happens and exists in the game comes from playing it. But lately it is becoming an aquarium with some sand at the bottom, but the fish die if you don’t put food in at the top, filter the water, clean the glass and sand, and buy new expensive fish to replace the ones that die, since it’s so hard to get the fish to reproduce. The pet store does not want you to have a self-contained aquarium.

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