Why can't I change the role bonus for ARMOR HAC?

Are you tired of SHIELD HAC?
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Zealot, Sacrilege, Deimos… It’s a dead format.

Maybe it’s time to change the bonus from Microwarpdrive to Afterburner for ARMOR HAC? For example + 50% to the speed on Afterburner. Does it break the balance so much? Zealot with 900m per second on Afterburner.

Why don’t you just fly the Phantasm then?


Or an Trig Iki!


Because Phantasm is not a HAC. Poor damage resistance.

“50% speed bonus would be insane. Plus, I like armor hacs such as the Deimos and the Ikitursa,” he says as his pants tighten.

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Why not just fly Legions?



And surely HACs aren’t ?

Deimos , Sac always have been a niche especially for solo // small gang aslong as I can remember (2008) and thats fine. Ab Zealots are still good. Just not as good as your normie Cerbs or Eagles. Some proper drones or a utility high on the Zealot could already work wonders. Idk…

There will always be the meta.
From Perma Drakes to Tengus to Armor Hacs to Muninns and Cerbs to Slowcats. Nerf/Buff and it wont take long until something else takes the place. Hacs are in a decent spot imho. The zealot could need a little love though.

Obligatory ‘Armor HACs, ARMOR HACS, ARMOR HACS!’

Nah, but seriously, I so miss warp to 0, in your face heavy armor brawls. Gimme those all day every day. All this nano-y running around in kitey shield crap the game has tended towards in the sub-cap department for the last several years has really dampened my fire for it. Sure, there are a few instances here and there of them happening, but muninns and feroxes and ishtars before and eagles and… no more, CCPlease.