Why can't the new eden store be more easier to under stand?

i thought i was buying more then 240 plex points for 10 usd like more closer to 500 points and come to find out i was sadly mistaken what is with the 2nd set of numbers like 220+20 why can’t it just be 240 by its self? because 220+20 does not make any sense

am i sadly mistaken to ask for a more simpler more to the point better clarified interface idea?

220+20. You are buying 220 Plex. They are giving you 20 Plex free. Not the same as 240 Plex for xx price

in the UK, 110 plex costs £4.24

The next larger pack costs £8.49. Approximately double. But you get 240, rather than 220. thus ‘20 free’

That’s how it works.

next pack is 16.99, or four times the 4.24 (ish). but instead of 4x110 plex, you get 500. or 60 free.

Make sense?