New plex packages

I have a question.

Current packages include a “bonus” plex amount, for example the biggest one is 11,020 “base” plex + 4,380 bonus, for a total of 15,400.

The new top pack is for 20,000 plex, is that amount just the “base” plex amount, or does it represent the “base” + bonus amount?

There is no bonus. It’s just marketing. Surprised that people still fail for this.

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I know the bonus is just bait, but I was wondering in the new ones what the 20k plex represented, as:
-Current top package is 15,400 for 499.99 = 30.80 plex/USD
-New top package will be 20,000 for 649.99 = 30.70 plex/USD (considering that the 20k plex is “bonus” included)

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