Why Can't We Have an "In-Game" Browser? :parrotdad:


Why Can’t We Have an “In-Game” Browser? :parrotdad:

It worked in the eighties…why can’t it work now? Mandatory corp ice mining ops were far more bearable with a browser.

I use Firefox. It’s free from Mozilla.

It never worked in the 80’s…

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There used to be an in game browser. It was removed.

The real question is why was the jukebox removed.


Why did CCP remove the jukebox?

I understand why they removed WiS, but the jukebox?


More important questions are why can’t we have mullets and handlebar mustaches?


No thanks, we must not allow ourselves to fall victim to outside influences.

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Steam has a built in browser if you play EVE on Steam.

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Review: Bidding Farewell to the In-game Browser | EVE Online

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In a manner of speaking… why would one need an in-game browser, when a quick switch to any browser of one’s choice in most operating systems already exist?

And aye… bring the Jukebox back please.


We did a long time ago but it was a nightmare to keep secure


The Toolbar was so much better then. They went backwards on that also. Cool “sound-board”.


You could create pages that had in-game links within them.

Think, all your favorite fittings on a webpage, laid out exactly as you want, with whatever images you want, in whatever order you want, organised how you want.

Or lists of modules grouped as you want, easily accessible as you want.
It was a great feature.

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In-game browser is the way to go. CCP tends to take the easiest coding path.

Mmhhhh, well when you put it like that… I guess it could be handy. As long as its an optional add-on, I guess I can’t find it objectionable. :smiley:

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It was a security nightmare and folks abused features of it to run scams.

well, you asked ‘why’



Browsers are insanely hard to keep secure why do you think so many now use Chromium as their engine, even Microsoft! Even as an optional extra it still would be an ridiculous amount of code to have for nothing just sat in the background using up resources

It may be too much trouble, but it’s not “for nothing”.