Why can't you apply more than one filter to the map?

I was looking for faction warfare systems on the F10 map, but I also wanted to be able to hover over a system and see how many kills in that system recently. Unfortunately it seems the map won’t let me do both at the same time. Is there a reason for that, or am I doing something wrong?

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Too much info makes a persons brain explode.


You’re not doing anything wrong, and the reason is Eve’s in-game tooling often lags behind what players actually need. Thankfully, Eve supplies enough information for players to build their own 3rd party tools that does serve the purposes.

You can find the info you’re looking for regarding recent kills in FW on these two maps:

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multi filter is pretty cool… plus one this idea

maybe for some… but this game USED to be challenging… in fact that was one of its selling points. now with free accounts and a training program… im not sure Eve holds the same expectation of its learning member or player base… Some people cant handle information, or lots of it, for downloading. and I dont mean digitally… I mean intellectually. like, actually grasping the concepts or ideas… the design. I guess it needs to be watered down still?

Pretty sure @Solonius_Rex was being facetious. The map, like the fitting tool, is an area that has always been inadequate in-game, and has needed some initiative (usually via a 3rd party tool) to manage. In my opinion, “requires 3rd party tool” is not so much a matter of game challenge rather than a matter of bad UI/game design.

If you want to gripe about Eve getting easier over the years though, there are plenty of other aspects though, like interdiction immunity, auto-aiming the dscan, or citadels.

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