Why can't you change the name of the character

boring game with a bunch of bugs. Hello. I want to write a little about the game I entered. In level 2 missions, the ship gets stuck on invisible objects. The orbit chooses sometimes touching some sides of objects in space. Or makes it to the enemy to die. And finally - the old character cannot change his name after years, although he does not participate anywhere and is no longer needed by anyone. Nobody knows about him! It is clear why no one needs such a game on Twitch! HER is overtaken by donkey kong. All in all. CCP - it’s time to manually change your code. It’s already 2022, and you can’t change the character’s name! But you take money from people! I think again to say goodbye to you for 10 years :slight_smile: Good luck

Can I have your stuff?


Looking at his zkillboard I think safe to say he already lost everything of value he could give you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Aleksandr!

Surely it would be reckless to leave the game now; just when you’ve assimilated its unique qualities…?

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