Why chat intel is for free?

Who operates chat in null? Who insures, that you get a new clone in null if you get podded? In WH no such things. In high sec or low sec concord can interfere. But in wast null sec space?
I believe it would be fair, if sovereignty holder will have to keep paying for chat intel and clones services. No upgraded IHUB - no chat, no clones. Like in WH. You pay for IHUB upgrades - you get intel and clones. ISK sink in game, only so much sovereignty holded as needed etc…
Of cause there will be issue with large empires paying without problems with their armies of bots and small groups struggling to keep infrastructure… But it was always like that. NPC null will be in permanent blackout, which will give sandbox more diversity.

More importantly…

Who cares?


WH isn’t null sec. Accept the differences or ■■■■ off.


The fluid router network runs through all gates. WH don’t have it because WH has no gates. That’s also why you arrive back in K-space when you lose your pod.

I could get behind being able to opt out of that fluid router network character identification system. However, that must come at a cost. If you opt out of it, you will lose SP when you get podded. You cannot insure your clone or something, you will lose SP. That way ratters and hunters could at will conceal their presence, would risk something meaningful in return and it would make local less perfect without impacting everyone who doesn’t want to be invisible.

You know what is funny about this: Either you are hypocritical or you ignore flaws. Hypocritical because the sov holders would have to pay for the local chat intel but attackers or roaming people would not. That’s unfair in a way. Or only the sov holding group would have local chat, which is flawed because attackers would not see what is going on.

Yes, of course, because NPC null sec needs even more disadvantages over sov null sec. That is absolutely the right way to do it. :roll_eyes:

CONCORD - via Fluid router Networking, the SEC division i believe or maybe it was SCC.

The Medical Bays where your clone are stored, lore wise they have nurses and staff like a hospital or clinic would i believe, but they could be automated, lores rusty there. Hence why you pay to install one its a service.

Tradeoff’s of living in Anoikis, always been that way. Your too far away for fluid router transmissions and there are no gates to amplify the signal.

CONCORD doesn’t “interfere” with anything otherwise you’d see them lift a finger prior to someone getting ganked, not after. And CONCORD has no presence in low sec aside from stealth recon ( Again Lore ) IIRC the gate and station guns are empire owned not CONCORD.

  1. There are no IHUBS in wormholes? So this already invalidates most of your argument. But for the sake of it:
  2. Sov Holders DO pay for clone services either by investing in Titans or Rorquals with Clone Bays ( which i dont believe have seen widespread use since the update that allowed Jump Clones everywhere rather than by standings.) OR they deploy a citadel and pay a sum of ISK to rig the citadel with a clone service module, as well as set the cost to install clones, and fuel cost to keep it operational.
  3. Infrastructure Hubs improve systems not provide core services by design, if anything the Territorial Claim Unit would be the one to influence chat since it is already linked into the Fluid router network, which it says in its description btw.

That hasn’t worked yet, doubt this would change anything either.

Report dem bots boi

Maybe they overextended if theyre struggling, or perhaps they need allies?
“Friendship is the Best Ship”

Is this an admission nothing would change? If so why post?

  1. Why would you do that to NPC Null? Its already highly disadvantaged over SOV Null because of the lack of IHUB benefits, though granted it does have LP and indestructible NPC Stations, but your enemies can stage out of those too so 50/50 there. Unlike SOV Null where you can set docking access and such in your citadels and force the enemy to Invest in a foothold first rather than just jump to > Dock
  2. NPC Null is still connected to the router network? So why would it black out?
  3. How does this add any diversity? It seems 90% Stick 10% Carrot at best

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