Why did CCP change my name?

My name was changed with no prior warning in this toon. I made another character on a separate account to retain the name. Why was the name changed and can I change to something besides the what I currently have?

CCP will change a name to a default such as you have if they deem the name offensive in some way. Not sure using another character with that name would be such a great idea.

they also freed up a load of trial acc names a couple years back.

put in a polite support ticket and im sure they’l sort you out.

Not only offensive names but impersonation of real people or other characters are not allowed.


Since there is no in game way to change a name, offensive does NOT get a warning note . . . what would you do? You just get changed.


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What was the name?


We had a good chuckle in Rookie Help last night when the character REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MCSREEEEEEEEEEE asked if it was possible to change his name. Even the two ISD online at the time couldn’t disguise their amusement.

Wasn’t you was it OP?


Your character is from 2008 so it may have had its name changed if it was never subscribed as was said above.


Given there seems no killboard for this character, that seems the most likely. But even if it was some offensive or otherwise EULA-breaking name, a petition to CCP will answer the question and they should allow you to pick another name (or the same one if it is still available) if you ask nicely:


… what was the name?

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I wonder if u submit a ticket if it would help anything?

That’s not offensive. CCP most likely changed your name when they reclaimed a whole load of names from long expired accounts. Assuming nobody has your name again yet they should be able to restore it if you file a ticket. Failing that I reckon they’ll let you choose a new name through the ticket system.

Ticket anyway :smiley: as always. Be patient too, i currently have a 30+ day ticket for a non-urgent matter.

Maybe its offensive in another language. Maybe it means “f*ck you” in icelandic.

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Did think of that but couldn’t find any links even in other languages. It’s pretty much definitely just reclaimed because out of use for so long.

Korwind is the name of at least two companies I am aware of, one based in England and the other in Germany, I have no idea if this has anything to do with your name change but it might.

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