Why didnt u sell on top? 📉

Sure I do. In fact I did exactly that. It’s the only way for your statement to make even the slightest bit of sense.

Yeah, sure, that’s even more wishful thinking than the rest of your bitcoin fanboying. Barter systems are never going to become relevant.

But also, Schnorr signatures were added to bitcoin about 5 years ago and it looks like Taproot is coming this fall.

There you go again mentioning technological solutions that will do absolutely nothing when the government says “unregulated bitcoin is illegal”.

Yes, timing is of the essence,
and, when you have a big ass ship blocking the way,
the expectation to go through may not be performing as expected,
for some logistics reason related to the time of the essence.

After reading some of the previous posts,
may I suggest a new,
Bitcoins sales,
financed new forums mod (forums mod, as in for, module…)
so as to help with improved self-moderation powers,
which would put sort of a damper of the publishing of the post.

Sort of like, when the post is minimized and you can’t read it,
or some other forms of reading tweeking (add tweeking to Dictionary…),
not to say twitching.

It could possibly be one of those,
improve quality of life feature available to the actual mods,
which we will not discuss here,
so as to keep their trade secret secured and sealed under locks,
or, vault secured type doors with hinges or other.

Money is a form of barter system approved by government for some amount of equality in regards to the amounts of values, and ,
diplomatic exchange rates of those values.

The fact that it is based on , not backed on,
the US Dollar simply was an Allies decisions during WWII,
after some 1941 to 1942 meetings,
which led for this to occur.

It doesn’t mean that the US dollar is worth more or less,
or that they have more capital.

It means they did a part in the war which was good enough for other countries with the UN to vote on that.

When parties and forces attack that system from different diplomatic channels,
what can happen is that they steal the diplomatic instrument with which this equality is distributed.

This can lead to changes in diplomatic resolves,
such as which amount of force is required to counter the force causing and seeking to cause the diplomatic disruption in that system.

When those in decisions decided to change the interest rate to equal the balance, they did it.
They didn’t ask you or him or his sister or others if it would work.
They make it work like that.

Not entirely when someone hides his/their identity.

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Microsoft just launched a new completely decentralized identity service on Bitcoin as a layer 2 network:

As one would expect, immediately after that the first “why don’t you use this or that altcoin?!?” questions appeared and a Microsoft employee answered:

Bitcoin is simply a more secure system than any other blockchain, and has stood the test of time in a highly adversarial environment. ION does not require any complex smart contract functionality, just embedding hashes into the chain, so we put strength of the network, security, and minimized attack surface first when selecting it.

I’m sure they just don’t know what they are talking about right? right? After all Bitcoin is old tech and surely they should have built this for “third generation chains” lol.

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Considering how many failed projects Microsoft have rolled out, them creating a project is not an automatic sign that it’s a good choice.

So, I have Bitcoins but no wallets since they transfer them to liquid and vice-versa with other security systems.

I put $50 in another system which uses that wallet data system, however, they don’t transfer as fast.

The reason the wallet was less secured is that it relied on a physical QR code which was organized with physical cellular phone system which not only had the encrypted QR code data on it,
was also required to extract the input field to be processed from.

The same thing happened to my neighbor who was living upstairs from me from around 1996 to 1998 or so,
he had 2 parts of his physical body missing,
thieves extracted those physical members from him,
so as to try to gain access to retina scan security as well as an embedded chip in another of his member.

They apparently managed to gain illegal access to a drone or some other form of electronic warfare related from it,
before the Sean Smith incident n 2012 which was under investigation from it.

(September 11, 2012.)

2. - 5 days later, at 00:18 Wed Apr 14, 2021:
I just sold $50 worth of Crypto, including $25 of Bitcoins,
and I made around $8.81 in around 1 month,
or, around $4 to $6 from the share of the capital that I sold.

I can now invest $110 instead of $60 if the value goes down, which I don’t think it will…

In other words,
those who are now holding their crypto and see it go up tomorrow again,
can make even more profit than I just did now.

I made around 15% to 25% profit.

My older November 15, 2019 investment is still worth around 200% of $5.

Just a little update for the thread. If you had bought Bitcoin at the very peak of the day when OP told you to sell, you would be up ~62% with your investment.

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And I again insist that selling it would be good option, just like selling it now is good option.

Just realizing the gains.

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:point_up: Oh look, another buy signal

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When everyone is buying, when there is demand, then you sell it. Its actually good for seller if the prices are rising.

I insist that its now the best moment to sell. Whatever amount you have.

Opening post still relevant. Even more then ever.

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Oh and for the people who always parrot the FUD about crypto only being used by criminals. Turns out you where full of s* as well: Janet Yellen, Bitcoin And Crypto Fearmongers Get Pushback From Former CIA Director

Also something for the fiat fanboys here that think the government in charge of the currency is a good idea. If you want to look into the future it always pays off to look at China, as they just implement stuff that is for now just wet dreams for the people in power in the west, but they most certainly would like that too very much…

They are now experimenting with putting an expiration date on units of their digital central bank currency, you know, to “stimulate the economy”, because inflating away your money isn’t working efficient enough, now they just literally delete your money if you don’t use it in a certain time. That is the future we are facing.

Fortunately you can easily opt-out by just converting to Bitcoin, the only actually sound money. The only side effect is that the value will grow over time instead of inflate away or getting deleted.

:microphone: :arrow_down:

Except it was not possible, and there was still another $5 which is at over 200% of that ~62% which is around 138% over 62%, more than 100% over 62%, or, 200% of 62%.

Additionally, the reason it was not possible for me to buy was due to encryption and the economic boycott.

I also found this today,
due to attacks against me on twitter,
some other places,
which I managed to register copyright of,
while they were actually seeking to divert from a free 6 months offer that I had on options.

I have to go there today to cancel it,
or pay the monthly fee of around $30 or so dollar for it,
while I will not use it for trade since I already have another system interface to do so.

NATO recognises Ukraine as Enhanced Opportunities Partner

On Friday (12 June 2020), the North Atlantic Council recognised (recognized)
Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner. This status is part of
NATO’s Partnership Interoperability Initiative, which aims to maintain
and deepen cooperation between Allies and partners that have
made significant contributions to NATO-led operations and missions.
As a NATO partner, Ukraine has provided troops to Allied operations, including in
Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as to the NATO Response Force and NATO exercises.
Allies highly value these significant contributions, which demonstrate Ukraine’s
commitment to Euro-Atlantic security.

As an Enhanced Opportunities Partner, Ukraine will benefit from tailor-made opportunities to help sustain such contributions. This includes enhanced access to
interoperability programmes and exercises, and more sharing of information, including lessons learned.

This decision recognises Ukraine’s strong contributions to NATO missions, and
demonstrates the Alliance’s continued commitment to its partnerships despite the COVID-19
,” said NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu.

it is the exact same encryption from the exact same sources against the exact same inventory program including inventory of attacks against inventory records of inventory files and of inventory of integrity of those files, and the same goals to attack the same inventory program and the same databases including intellectual property rights from it,
while seeking to coerce it as a common nuisance which poses threats to their security misrepresented as indictable to forfeit evidence of attacks which is illegal to hide as well as the related falsification of reports in regards to the 35 years of attacks they sought to do.

So yes , I do get 62% of benefit from my work and encryption.
Additionally, the plans of those encryption systems and programs are also worth more than the code itself, which the same courts also mispresent with the same intent to attack the communication to cause loses of integrity which requires that inventory program to monitor the losses they seek to cause, including the 62% from encryption methods to justify possibility purchases as they attacked methods of electronic transactions from inventory programs, and, also, on top of that,
also the 200% from previous purchase with the lack of information as documented from the copyright office registered documents, which documents they also sought to forfeit in attacks and theft with more damage than damage against reputation and other intentional familial abuse by trying to associate responsibility of other wrongdoers as if I was associated with them, while actually interfering against me prosecuting them, in obstruction of justice since the 1970s, including the cold war.

2. - At 11:41,. 40 minutes after the last update, Wed Apr 14, 2021:
I had a deadline on Monday, April 12, 2021, to cancel a stock broker service which was free for 6 months, but, that, which, due to attacks,
I forgot to do, and, that the attacks, caused me to lose, but I’m already against them in courts since I’m 3 years old, in the 1970s due to organized crimes against my family in relation to NATO and the UN and so on.

All the exact same wrongdoing reasons that people try to fight over, and that terrorists also invest in warfare against us as the civilian courts try to take advantage of the terrorists attacks against us to try to coerce me into their organized crime with their interpretation of the story of the tower of Babel, which is about justification of attacks against communication, and their related forms of encryption, including encryption for electronic warfare, and,
also, the related encryption useful for diplomacy which they also attack by misinterpreting their use of encryption, and including encryption for crypto-currency as well as other disregard of attacks against inventory programs which also work from the Polish University before the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist, and which is still in use today by both the US military and the US Army, including the US Military Medical Department, and other military organizations such as China and Russia from the UN High-Security Council, which allows them to track not only attacks against my inventory programs but also, attacks against their military security as well as the related intentions of the attackers to associate with the army as if it would be legal for them to do so, which it will never be possible to be, as they are not the rightful commander and also, as they are not issuing the right orders to do so in the way they seek.

Michael Morell, a 33-year veteran of the agency, published an independent paper commissioned by the newly formed lobbying group Crypto Council for Innovation (whose founding members include Coinbase, Fidelity Digital Assets, and Square) directly refuting this well-traveled narrative.

Surprise, surprise, a paper paid for by Coinbase comes to the conclusion that bitcoin is great. And it does so with the incredibly dishonest strategy of pretending that “percentage of transactions that are illegal” and “percentage of purchases that are illegal” are the same thing, allowing the vast number of currency speculation transactions to overwhelm the illegal purchases even if those illegal purchases are the vast majority of bitcoin transactions outside of currency speculation.

Bitcoin, the only actually sound money.

That is certainly a delusional way of looking at it. Are you aware of the fact that the government can easily ban bitcoin and make it worthless?

The only side effect is that the value will grow over time instead of inflate away or getting deleted.

You do understand that “BITCOIN WILL ALWAYS GROW IN VALUE” is a bad thing for a currency, right?


At some point some government will get sick of the tax evading and the laundering and seemingly out of the clear blue will ban or place severe restrictions on the use of crypto currency. Other governments will follow suit, and those stock charts will do the other thing risky investments are really good at, plunge.