Why do people consider EVE Online a hardcore game?

I am curious why EVE Online is considered a hard core game. In order to play devils advocate i will argue its not.

  1. You dont have to grind experience
  2. Its not perma death
  3. You choose how much you want to risk
  4. Industry and mining
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EVE is a game where people without PVP skills can pretend they’re elite PVP God’s.

'nuff said.

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One indie dude takes a screenshot of the screen and the average first person shooter freaks out I think :slight_smile:

It isn’t a hardcore game, it’s a multiplayer sandbox PvP RPG. The only thing that’s hardcore are this form’s warriors.


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That would totally depend on the definition of “hardcore”.

EvE used to be almost instruction-less, so a player needed to devote serious time and effort into just learning how to play the game.

Also in the past, just keeping up with the skill allocation and SP earning was a major task, as there was no skill queue.

Continuing, certain playstyles in EvE very much to tend towards EvE being a ‘second job’ - but by no means all playstyles.

Lastly, EvE’s dystopian fantasy is played out in real time, and scamming, corp thievery, ransoming, etc - actions that are generally Not Allowed in other games are allowed in EvE. Some of EvE’s most newsworthy events were player led heists.

So EvE is hardcore in many ways.

–Gadget’s OnlyFans sticks to Softcore


You can play other MMOs so much so they become a second job, or life if you will. And people who play for example Starcraft or CS competitively or professionally do it almost as a full time job. I wonder if anyone is able to play EVE proffesionally? Aside from streamers and youtuber (and RMT :D?).

Curious what kind of scams are allowed in EVE that is not allowed in other mmos? I did see a scam today. Someone offered a contract 100x the value of the items and was hoping ppl would buy it. This sort of scam also exists in other mmos :slight_smile: But i see your point. There was an incident a while back with lots stolen from a corp irrc. And the powers that be decided not to intervene. I wonder what would be the policy of Blizzard if someone emptied the guild bank without permission. They may actually give the stuff back :smiley: If thats the case thats a fair point i guess.

edit Looks like in WoW you are allowed to steal from guild. (GM = Guild Master)

You’d be betraying the trust of your guild but it’s not against the ToS to take it.

imo, EVE being full loot pvp is most of it. The majority of mmos don’t do that. And that factor alone, will keep a ton of players out of the game.

I had first tried Eve Online back in 2012 where I had found the skill queue system rather confusing as each has a waiting time. This alone was the reason I recall setting a few skills then logging off, I wanted to get out of my pod, it was difficult to grasp at the time the warp to system to system as I didn’t understand the star gates.

I docked and logged out and had thought never to return.

Then Frostpacker spawned many many years later, Frostpacker knew from that moment that New Eden was to become our home.

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:man_dancing: :bed: :women_wrestling: uh? No…
Now I have question for you. Did you follow one of those redirect false advertisements from a porn site? I haven’t found anything hardcore here… what am I missing?

Funny, I actually stopped playing WOW because the raid mechanics where getting too hard and thus moved to EVE.

I happen to think EVE is a very easy game. you don’t even need to undock you can just remote buy, remote build and remote sell and then you become a trillionaire.

Any game where you can lose 41 Coercers in 15 days has gotta be hardcore :slight_smile:


To be honest, Dota 2 is harder than EVE but it’s up there in challenging games.

To me EVE is hardcore because of the social networking needed to build a corp. Sure someone can pvp, build ships, or gank. But getting countless people to follow your leadership and get strategic objectives done. Now that is hardcore.

Any seasoned gamer can analyze the meta for various ships but how do they take that skill and knowledge and turn it into a weapon? That is what makes EVE hardcore.

I completely agree its the players that make it hardcore but also so insular and unappealing to the masses.

I don’t however think herding thousands of sheep is hardcore as that’s what people that are sheep do. They just clump together naturally and wait to be told what to do. Herds of sheep stick together because of the primal knowledge that there is safety in numbers.

EVE looks hard, because when you look at it as a new player, all the stuff is just a daunting mountain, but when you break it all down each part is actually pretty easy.

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Good life lesson here also. :100:

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It can be played “Hardcore” and those who do speak the truth. It can also be played casually. Most games cannot claim this. For those of you who do play hardcore, I admire your persistence. You are the reason that Eve has been such a good game.

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Yeh it is indeed.

For what is worth, my kids that are teens now, call EVE “the dad game”. Certainly the youth I’m exposed to through their social networks, school mates, gamer mates etc etc, they all seem to think not that EVE is hard, or hardcore, but for people that like doing shitty things to each other. I rarely admit to playing it EVE as I don’t want to come across as a weirdo.

They consider FPS games on hard/brutal whatever mode, or where you die if you fart more hardcore games than EVE.

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Yah! I was that kid in high school playing the RTS Warhammer 40k titles talking about the glory of the god emperor to my friends that normally played Fortnite, COD, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Nintendo games. :sweat_smile: :joy:

I carry this as a badge of honor.

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noun: hardcore; noun: hard core

    1. the most active, committed, or strict members of a group or movement.
      “the party still has a hard core of supporters that will always vote for them”
    1. pornography of a very explicit or extreme kind.
    1. popular music that is experimental in nature and typically characterized by high volume and aggressive presentation.
    1. [British] broken bricks, rubble, or similar solid material used as a filling or foundation in building.

I had to look it up in case the meaning had changed over time, so I stand corrected, if you go by definition 2 or 4, EVE is indeed hardcore.

dune 2000 was mine, last mission, you had to fight both opposing factions and the emperors sardaukar and the ■■■■■■■ sandworms. That was hardcore!

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Game is not hardcore. Most players playing it, however, are.