Eve Online not a casual game anymore?

Eve Online not a casual game anymore?

Had some vaction and wanted to play some Eve online. Used to play it time to time.

After work like 1-2 hours.

PVE/mining and PvP on saturday and sunday.

I started to play and saw the trevian rats, when i was mining. I stoped to mine in this fields. Did some mission.

I deside that its get better if i join a 0.0 /Highsec corp. Some people recomended that its better to join a corp if u want to mine.

Joined a highsec corp first. Everyone in corp that mined stoped to log in after trevian. So they deside to build station to get minerals. Then wardec happens and i was alone in station becuse no one logged in.

After 2 weeks i ended this and queit the corp becuse everyone was quiet eve or only logged in to train some skills.

In a 50 man corp we was like 3-4 online.

The corp that pvp agenst us was dedicated pvp:er that had people online 24/7. Not easy to do any pvp when u are alone ^^. Seems to have endles of isk. They losed 2 station wort 10 B but countinue to pvp and build new station.

Desided to join two diffrent 0.0 corp, members 50 peps and 60 peps

Same problem because of blackout and non intel who was in system, all sat docked. (we hade alot of ship outside that was clocked (manitcore, T3 ship etc)

Tryed to do some ratting got 3 m and podded (asked in intel before i ratted, and it could be clear). Used D-Scan all the time. Docked all the time becuse people in corp/allians didnt tell if they was comming to system or not. Sitting and clicking on d-scan in 2 hours…

Back to highsec and ending the 0.0 try.

Have been in 0.0 alot but its seems that small allianses cant handel the secure?

So what have i learned about this.

I have to join a big allians that have intel after black out. I cant join a corp in highsec that have station becuse they seems to be wardec.

Mining in highsec u need to be on alert meaning if u have kids u can lose ship if u are gone in 3 min if mining. No more realax mining when lasers just mine stones after work so u get isk to pvp later on saturday/Sunday.

Last thing i can do now is mission. That seems not to have to change to much. But saw some reading about that could change to (have no link for it).

Also the corp i joined have more young people and old people seems to leaving becuse of the change becuse the can be on alert when they do all things in EVE Online.

For me my self cant i mine when family are at home becuse u have kildren that ask u things when u play etc. Before i could mine and be gone from computer 3 min. Now if u are gone ship can be gone by trevian.

For me is not Eve Online casual game anymore. But i like the “old” game.

Maybe im just unlucky.

Doing mission in a npc corp…


eve stops to be sandbox game - you need to play as someone designed it - because some morons said - yes it is cool - eve is only harashment game - we are gods, everyone play as we want. End of this will be like this - population less then 10k online, total stagnation - because this kind of game company pride is always punished.
and people tell them that - by writing by login numbers… but thay dont listen.

Same. I want just realax mining with netflix.

“Casual” is not the same as “AFK”. You can play casual just fine, but zero effort game play is less and less safe or profitable. As it should be.


Eve can be pretty casual if setup yourself for it. I live in highsec, making money with the market / production (hauling 1-2h once every week), update orders when I’m online, go to Tama or through some wormholes for solo PvP. Currently redoing the epic arcs to boost my standing with the empire factions before the potency boosters cease to function (I want to be able to use all locator agents in empire space).

No commitment, just play as much as I want/can, even did some ninja moon mining (wasn’t bothered with trigs yet, though I wanted to test that in my Skiff).


75% people average stop play Eve since blackout in nullsec

people roaming and like blackout find no target to kill

hard to find buyer on markets

i dont know what CCP is thinking but i m sure they re killing the game with this blackout in nullsec

PS: dont trust the number of players connected on eve launcher !

on the 25% still connected in nullsec pretty large majority still docked and do something else waiting blackout end

before blackout:
1.800.000 plex for sale on markets at 4.2 M each

1.230.000 plex for sale at 3.6 m each

so plex drop hardly it is like eve is -50% popular since blackout and it s only 2 month of blackout !

It’s funny, it’s almost as if all these posters are very caring about CCP’s financial status and the game, and it totally isn’t about themselves or how some changes made their non-effort play style more difficult.

I could be wrong of course.


Do mining missions.
The ore is in a mission site that gankers will have to scan down. With all the traffic in high sec systems, that should give you a good 5 minutes before you are scanned down, but that’s assuming there is a ganker watching you 24/7 and ready with the appropriate force to kill you. In reality, it means you can mine peacefully unless you’re war dec’ed or a fat, juicy target.

Multitasking (i.e. dealing with family while performing some other task) is not something males are particularly well geared towards. We are better at focusing on one important task at a time than parallel iteration through different tasks simultaneously. Our brain wants to do one thing until it’s done. Your brain wants to put EVE Online on hold and go do some other thing until it’s done, then come back. Always worrying about EVE Online in the back of your mind is something women are better at.
Maybe you should get in touch with your feminine side.

Eve was a woman.

CCP make blackout for people can not earn isk easy and buy plex with credit card real money

but CCP not understand nullsec is pretty dead now and people can buy plex find no fun now to roaming in nullsec and then will stop game soon

If CCP wan ban bot isk farmer in nullsec, blackout is not the right idea. Blackout just kill all life in nullsec.

CCP should find other electronic way to detect bot and kill them

hurry up because atm EVE is a big ■■■■

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What? No.

99.3% of statistics are made up.


They are thinking about correcting over a decade of massive rewards for null with bugger all risk.

Now its just listening to the whining of the HTFU crowd now they are the ones who need to harden up or move.


what is wrong if people earn isk with farming in nullsec ?

if people pay their account each month ?

it s ccp put plex on market for people can pay account with isk

i pay my account with real money but i like earn isk for pay my ship pvp and get fun with it

if i can not earn isk and i need to buy plex for i can have pvp ship it is a pay to win game

if CCP wan full pay to win then eve is dead 100% sure

CCP has to eliminate parasites preying upon its system. What do you suggest?


CCP are the best tear farmers ever.



I can not but help notice the apparent large influx of new posters in these forums who use the same stilted sentence structure,complaints, and desire for an easier EVE experience. All I can hope for is that they don’t destroy Tranquility as they did the other server. Quit advocating for an easier and more afk friendly game; adapt to the current game by changing your own style.


But if they destroy Tranquility its no problem for you. You just adept :grinning:

I can also notice that the apparent large influx of new posters in these forums who use the same stilted sentence structure,complaints, and desire for a harder EVE experience.

And allways a person that tells that everyone are crying :sob:

Was Eve ever a casual game?

As a grognard who grew up playing wargames with 200 page manuals, I say we need moar fiddly bits.

There have always been casual gamers, maybe even more so today. Eve advertises 20 minute Abyssal sites and mobile games are very popular (insert segue here).