Feedback of a casual returnee

Feedback from a returnee.

Hello dear Eve online team.
I have given eve a chance again after an absence of 6 years.

It was fun, however, the game does not offer space for casual and weekend players.

Unfortunately there is no space where you can spend your weekend in peace.
In 0.0 or low you need a corp, which consists of people who take me the game first. Wormhole the same way.

There is still the high sector, but here you must not fly anything expensive because otherwise you will be ganked.

It is really a pity, because the game is still excellent in principle, a pity that there is no possibility somewhere not to be attacked.

You won’t really care because the percentage of players who react to an expensive high sec gank with a 50€ real money investment. However, this is too stupid for me, because this investment ends up back in the pocket of highsec gankers.

I will look again when you are invulnerable against other players in highsec. so never.

In this sense, you have here the feedback of a casual player, what you do with it I do not care, a response is not necessary, the game is uninstalled.

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You really won’t get ganked often enough to matter if you are fitting a tank and not deadspace / officer fitting

Right, or just fly a shuttle in high sec, than you also get not ganked.

What is the highsec for? It is complete senseless.

How ever, I have a real life corp, called family, so I have no time for a corp, high sec is just not flyable with expensive ships. Of course you can stick with cheap trash but than you can direct stay with alpha account what results in forget this game.

You got this feedback, count is as
“casual gamer sometimes quit because of ganking”
You have the statistics, I don’t know what brings more money, the people how invest because of ganking and the money gankers pay or the money you don’t get because of players how quit, like me.

Again, it is a great game with a super huge possibilities, but no possibility to play a relaxed game and build you expensive ship. As long you can get ganked in highsec it is no game for me. Last posting I did, have fun with the game, you got my feedback, I will stay with DCS.

I will agree with you there is not much progression for a solo highsec player past t2 fitting a battleship and grinding level 4s. There is something to consider here but I’m not sure what the solution is. CCP could let capitals into highsec?

I don’t care for capitals.
Even if they would alow them in high, they would also get ganked in highsec.

You can run L4 with trash BS, if you buy a marauder and build a nice ship (and this is what you mostly want) → you get ganked.

My idea would be → In high sec everybody is pvp invul. But will never come, because of the money (not isk, hard us$)

As I said, this game is so great, a shame that it is ■■■■■■ up because there is no place for people how don’t wan’t a full time corp and don’t wan’t to get ganked the hole time. If I’m in 0.0 or WH it is 100% clear that I can die because of pvp, but in high sec also and this makes the high sector to a nonsense sector.

The reason for the design of EVE is not to get you to plex to replace ships. A complete restriction would imply players have zero agency and can’t freely decide to break the rules of highsec. What you’re describing is a solo player RPG which you can get anywhere.

Whatever, there would still be the low, the 0.0, the WH to find you fight.

There is no place where you can fly with you friends and not get pissed of by gankers the hole time.

Disscussions is not needed, game like it is is extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme hostile to casual player. Looks like they are unwanted or only wanted to get ripped.

Conclusion → Player like me are only wanted to get ripped of → quit it

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But anyway. EVE isn’t for casual or solo players and I think that’s why the community has remained small, the game stagnates and struggles to attract and keep new players.
First, the PvE is only present as a hook, line & sinker kind of a gotcha thing and not with solo/casual players in mind so it’s boring and feels like a rushed job.
Second, joining a corporation is a must if one wants to progress and plans for bigger things. That means an expensive subscription and logging in everyday.
Many people do not/cannot play online games each and everyday. I myself can only play on weekends.

It’s a real pity and it could be a great game if it was owned by a company serious about gaming & gamers.

I’m sure the game is organized in a way that is economically advantageous for the developer. It doesn’t have to make sense at the consumer level.

I wouldn’t say “great” but it’s interesting to play if one spends the money for the subscription, which I wouldn’t do myself because I couldn’t match financial commitment with time commitment.
EVE isn’t a game to “relax” with.

You are right. If you are a casual gamer it’s just not a game for you.

Don’t get me wrong, isk is not the problem, knowledge is also not. I lived in a WH, if I wan’t to go on, I could get instant 30B isk for free from a rl friend but this would not help me because I still could not fly something bought for this money because I get ganked in high.

0.0 or WH is not a option, no time for spending 80% of my free time in a discord or ts. I have no interest of the eve online war story’s from the corp elder statesman that is hanging around in ts 100% of their lifetime because they he have no RL. By the way, docking of 1 time a month with your titan to show that you have one is NOT GAMEPLAY!.

As I’m tipping these I see again, wrong game for me. Again, this game could be great for everyone, but it is only playable in corp’s and the highsector is complete senseless.

Have fun and maybe we will see on Enigma Cold War sever in DCS!

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The Prophet spoke often a time when the masses would cry for protection because they had lost the ability to protect themselves.

Do not cry and lament. Learn to protect yourself. You were tested and found wanting.

The Prophet knows of many ways to make a living in all sectors of space. Merely because you do not does mean others can’t.

It is good you admit your weakness.

There is much to do. If you would learn the ways of the fathers, you would know.

It is your greed for the Sister’s that lead you to such death. There are many other corporations to slave for.

There are a billion upon billions of stars. Many of them empty. Is it the pirate’s fault you are such an inept captain that you cannot read a star chart?


I’ve been peacefully exploring a bit last weekend for the first time in ages. Grab a Helios, turn on some music, and scan and hack for some hours to get valuables.

It’s very peaceful.

Just make sure you use your directional scanner, cloak, warp drive and nullifier at the right times to avoid seeing the Helios explode, not everyone in space is looking for peaceful gameplay.

Thanks! I just checked it out. Looks good :+1:. Will see about getting on it this weekend.

Install the game, it is for free, also test if your PC can handle it.
If you like it, and want to test a full fidelity module (Airplane that is 100% everything clickable, full simulator) download the A-4 Skyhawk mod before you buy something. This is in the quality and simulation level of a modules you have to buy extra.
If you also like this, check the Airplanes you can fly on enigma cold war server and buy one in sale (25€).
In general if you like this game, stick to the timeline you prefer, modern jets, cold war and Warbird’s are total different types of gameplay.

Helicopter are even more awesome but you need good pedals for this.

If you don’t have a joystick with Hotas, buy a used Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X on E-Bay (~20€)

I hang out on Enigma Cold War Server Discord, “SP-Campaign” Channel. I like to support new player, just let me know that you are the eve player, I will remember.

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Thanks for all the info. I love those kinds of games. I will definitely download it and will contact you when I’m ready to play.

I’ve been peacefully exploring a bit last weekend for the first time in ages. Grab a Helios, turn on some music, and scan and hack for some hours to get valuables.

It’s very peaceful.

Yes I know, but this was what I did before I quite the game 6 years ago. It is also 100% useless to hack in highsec because you get 00,00 isk for one container. You don’t get any progress from highsec hacking. D-Scan don’t help you against the cloaked 1hit Arti Loki waiting for my Astero.

Here we are at the deilema again.
Hacking in high = 0,0 progress of your ship or gameplay
Abyss = Progress of ship and increasing difficulty (but you get ganked)
Mining = Progress of you ship and efficiency (but you get ganked)
Mission Running = Progress of your ship (but you get Ganked)

No progress = 100% senseless
Progress but getting ganked in the moment you got you dream ship = 100% senseless

And as I said, I decided for highsec. If I am in 0.0 or WH it have to be clear that you can die the hole time everywhere by pvp.

It don’t matter, game is uninstalled, Just what to let the dev team know that the actual system is horrible casual player unfriendly.

Maybe CCP don’t care and they only want 20 year experienced player, playing with their 20 accounts with themself, I don’t know.

I just posted because the game could be so super great for everyone but at the moment it is not playable if you are not ready to give away your RL for EVE.

I think everything is said, you got my standpoint, I deleted EVE from HD and I will give it a third chance when I’m invul in highsec, so maybe never.

With the DCS World advice was not a joke, take a look at it, it is also hardcore complicated, something that we all like :wink:

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That’s why I do my hacking in null sec, better payout.

To the second part:

The Loki has a 5 or 6 seconds targeting delay after decloaking before it can start locking you, which is plenty of time to warp off if you pay attention.

I didn’t think it was a joke :smile:
I found a few vids on it and it’s something I would definitely play.

It’s 100% useless to do anything in HighSec but it’s still good for players who only have a couple of hours or just the weekend to play. Nothing very serious or earth-shattering, just pure good ol’ entertainment no strings attached.

That’s about the gist of it :laughing: Basically, if it’s worth your time you’ll get ganked.

I don’t think they give a sh- :rofl:

There’s ways to solo afk mine for hours, they know the regulars and do their own business. But of course that’s not close to Jita or along the major trade routes.

You’re right, a Marauder in a trade hub is a juicy target. And it’s a bliss that one can kill an expensive ship with a bunch of cheap ships, because most players don’t like pay to win.

And it’s a bliss that one can kill an expensive ship with a bunch of cheap ships, because most players don’t like pay to win.

Hmm I think it is more 2 players multiboxing their 60 cheap ships. Also maybe it is “Gank and pay your bills” Gank → isk ->mmoga → $ → You earn more than your dad how is a Cop in Manila with 350$ income (I can not judge it, I would do the same as a Guy from a country where income<500$/month)

I think most people play for fun, not to earn ISK. And ganking a Paladin IS fun :slight_smile:
Most of the value is destroyed, but if the loot fairy is in a happy mood, some nice modules drop. But even more fun is to kill a dangerous ship - that’s like a trophy.
So if you don’t want to be attacked, you should transport the marauder hull and modules in a tanky Deep Space Transporter to a remote place, assemble the ship there and have fun.