Why do the billboards in-game only show one advertisement, chained endlessly?

There used to be ads by corps, people running for office, bounty notices, etc. It was actually mildly entertaining. Now, it’s just some blond guy in thick glasses, over and over and over again.


You’re damn right it is…

Yep. It seems broken. I blame the Triglavians.

The ad will stay there until you buy one of those glasses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Obviously you haven’t watched much late, late night TV; the same cheap production and product ads just repeatedly chain.

Because nobody is making and adverts any more… There needs to be a group behind this which is dedicated to adding content like this.

The Scope videos used to be very good and I never understood why they were never shown in the game.

I have heard that ads are stored client side and that there is a way to play your own videos, only for your client ofc.

CCP is preparing to run a series of ads for Coca Cola, Hyundai SUV’s and Cialis. They’ve calculated that if they run the ‘guy with thick clunky black glasses’ ad for three and half months solid, after that you will be grateful for any change at all.

This notion was taken from the programming teams, who long ago figured out that if they don’t actually do anything, then the twice per year where they release a couple tweaks and balance changes, everyone will burst into applause.


I don’t know how else I’m going to learn about rocket Hyundais and Nebula Cola unless they advertise it. Hopefully the later campaign will involve the Christmas polar bears being atomized by a black hole. FINALLY we’d get a happy ending to that line of commercials.

I do not know, whenever I am in station, I scroll away from the photosensitive epilepsy inducing ‘commercials’ that were not very clear and had no intermissions so it always looked like one long ad with here and there corp adverts and the glasses guy advert. There was that triglavian advert that did not have sound thus made no sense, luckely I have youtube.

Uh, ahem, i prefer Viagra, thank you very much.

They actually tried to remove them. But, when they did, it somehow broke the undock button.

Blue pill…amiright

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