Why does being webified affect targeting?

I am fairly new and i have noticed that when I get webified, I find it much, much harder to hit enemy ships. Why is that and is there any counter for it?

Being webified means, you move significantly slower.

Distance, if you crawl like a snail and your opponent pulls range at full speed, you may be out of range for your own weapons. One purpose of webifiers in PvP.

Also your capacity to hit a target properly depends on the relative speed between you and the target. If this speed (transversal) becomes high, turret weapons generally have a harder time to hit.

The counter is to kill the webbing ships, or mitigate temporarily with a overheated prop mod (MWD, AB).

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OK; thanks for the tip!

EVE’s messages are rather uniform; if you’re out of range, or if the target is moving too fast for your guns to track, or if you’re shooting big weapons at really small targets (and they get damage reduction as a result), you see just lower damage numbers, and/or “you miss.” Even though only the second scenario above is truly a miss.

In any case, guns in EVE behave somewhat realistically:

  • you have short range guns (pulse lasers, blasters, autocannons), and the webifier will slow you down so the enemy can “kite” you and stay out of range of your guns. In this case you “miss” because of being out of range.

  • and you have long range guns (beam lasers, rail guns, artillery cannons) but these have trouble tracking (staying aimed at) a target that orbits you very fast and very close. In this case the webifier will slow you down so you can’t run away and the enemy can stay close and “under your guns”, and you miss because your guns can’t track the target.

  • and finally big guns will do very little damage to small targets, even if they are in range and not moving. This game mechanic was explained by CCP like this: imagine you’re shooting the main guns of a WW2 battleship, and you’re trying to hit a small rowboat far away. Because the sea has waves, the main guns can’t be aimed accurately enough to deliver a direct hit to such a small target; the shells will land in the vicinity of the rowboat, but within a 10 meter radius. If any shell hits, then the rowboat is obliterated, but if the shells splash into the water near the rowboat, it’s fine. So, on average, a lot of shots will miss, simply because the target is smaller than then 10 meter radius that the battleship guns can “focus” on.

In EVE, this game mechanic related to guns will allow frigates to have a chance to survive a fight with a battleship, so newbies can go up against veterans and have a fair PVP (as much as that’s possible). In practice, if you’re solo, 1 frigate vs. 1 battleship, eventually the battleship will land a lucky shot and you’re dead, but if you have a frigate wolfpack fleet, 10 frigates vs. 1 battleship, you may lose 1-2 frigates, but the battleship is dead. So you lose 800k ISK worth of frigates to kill an 80 million ISK battleship, op success. Also, newbies vs. veteran, newbies win.

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Regarding this do both Multispectral ECM and Radar ECM counter webification?

And which jammer category directly impacts Webifying, Ladar, Gravimetric, Magnetometic, or RADAR?

ECM doesn’t counter webification per se. It simply “jams” the target ship so that it can’t target anything.

The names (Multispec, Radar, Ladar, etc) simply refers to the sensor type that it is strongest against (and each racial ship line uses one of those specific sensor types.

But that is neither here nor there.

I am going to go on a limb and assume you are doing PvE stuff? Yeah so… you don’t want to use ECM. You are dealing with too many targets and ECM is more… surgical… by nature (see: it is suited more for PvP).

To counter a Web you will want to equip your ship with an Afterburner or a MicroWarpdrive.
Neither of these will counter the Webifier’s effects… but you will move faster.
The only sure way to counter a web from an NPC is to destroy the offending NPC.

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