Why does every useful 3rd party tool get pushed out?

Why have all the useful tools gone by the wayside?

… Why is there no online fitting tool?
eve fitting tool

and while I’m here I’ll complain about why no jukebox again…yet? I want ‘Miner Stories’ on repeat dammit!

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The ingame fitting tool is pretty good so more and more people use it. It still has some bugs left in it here and there but they’re minor.

It does however lack several things.

  1. It needs an ability for players to input different skill levels. This would greatly help out in skill training and fit planning. Currently it only works on whatever character you use it on, and whatever that characters skills are at and that’s it.

  2. It only works with hulls and modules. No implants or boosters. Implants and boosters affect fits greatly. It’d be nice to have this in the fitting tool.

But even with these limitations, because its ingame instead of a 3rd party app, more and more people use it making the 3rd party apps absolete.

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For that specific purpose can’t you just download that track then put it on repeat in your music player before you launch EVE? :stuck_out_tongue:

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EVE is dying outliving them.

Check in 3rd Party to see if there isn’t a new tool, a similar one or if someone took over an old tool.

All them fitting sites just ended up listing cookie cutters and outdated fits to a point where it was often just dreadful to find anything useful anyway. Often the dullest fits got the most votes (i.e. often simply because of having the highest DPS). It’s now easier to find a few fittings on the forum and at EVE Uni and adjust them.

Pyfa is still around for when you need an external fitting tool.


Pretty much by definition, third party tools are built and maintained by players. Unless the developer strikes up some sort of licensing agreement with CCP, they won’t make much money from the tool - just in game isk.

When the player leaves EvE, they will tend not to maintain the tool.

It’s remarkable how many have kept going for so long.


Bots are maintained. I think its the games and gamers path of least resistance. All usefull things will go, but bots will exist.

Tools come and tools go because they are labors of love and a hobby for most involved and get replaced by other, and often more capable tools. But forum trolls are forever.


Short answer, maintaining them takes effort. Interest in applying said effort usually dries up after a while. Major kudos to dudes that have maintained their tools for a long time. Takes some major commitment.

Because before EvE went Free To Play, those tools were very valuable.
They became powerful tools in the hands of Alpha’s.
So they removed them.

EFT died because the dev refused to make the source code available for others to continue working on it once he lost interest. He could have open sourced it.

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