Why is ESI structure query so limiting?

I just need to get a structure name by ID I’ve got from my own notifications but I’m getting Forbidden error. The name can’t be so criminal, right?

Right now I can generate notifications like: “Your unidentified structure in this system is under attack! Guess which!”.

Is there any way to solve this issue?

If you do not have docking rights to a structure you cannot look it up.

However if you own it you should just have to lookup the structure_id from the notification text using https://esi.tech.ccp.is/ui/#/Universe/get_universe_structures_structure_id. Is that not the case?

It is an authed endpoint so make sure your token has that scope, are using the right token for the right character and the ID is valid.

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I know how to handle it but the whole docking affected restriction seems weird. I can see the structure name in game even if I don’t have docking rights. I don’t want to lookup anything except name.

On the other side, I’m in a corp which owns the structure but still I’m getting Forbidden error if I’m trying to lookup it using the endpoint you’ve mentioned. At least moon mining notifications have structure name specified right inside their text property with no additional lookup needed at all.

Dear CCP, can we have structure names specified in the text of other structure related notifications? @CCP_SnowedIn ? And you can leave lookups as they are.

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Can you dock in the structure that has the notification? If not there is no way to get the name of the structure via ESI afaik, that endpoint is the only one that returns the name of a structure given an ID.

Feel free to open an issue on the repo and see what happens https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/new

The reason for the docking limitation, is because you will get people scraping ESI for new structures. And with the system name in the structure name, you’ve just handed people a target.

Okay, this can be avoided by specifying structure name in notifications which has good access restriction on their own. This they they can;t be exploited for good, right?

As I’ve already said the new moon mining notifications already have citadel names specified inside.

Make an issue on the github requesting that feature.


This is basically the answer to the problem. ESI is still in development, being at 0.8 right now, and better safe than sorry.

So do market orders in ESI don’t tell you much about structures either. Structures aren’t even included in the sell order listings, yet for buy orders do these show up with at least an id. While any player in-game can see them.

It feels like the ESI is missing a “lowest denominating character” for some of the unauthorized data and instead chooses to stay completely on the outside.

I’ve made the request there, thanks for the tip.

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I think this is a good idea. We have a notification bot for our alliance and its quite some effort and requires additional scopes to get the structure names for most notifications. Also, since structure names are part of newer notifications it seams that CCP agrees with you. Will upvote on esi-issues.

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