Why PvE is broken in Eve

What is PvE in Eve? A nuisance? An imbalanced part of the game? How is this related to the economy of eve?

For getting answers just let’s take a look at the recent ecenomic report (march 20). Where is all the ISK coming from?

Ah, right, most of the ISK is gained by ratting and running missions. PvE, as they call it.

And where is this happening?
In Delve and Oasa, mainly. In fact Delve has 10 times the bounty payout than the highest one in empire space, Metropolis. So the money is mainly made by ratting in Null. This is how alliances are paying for titans and death stars (do we have death stars yet? can we haz death starz?).

So what if Concord decides to no longer pay for rat kills outside of empire space? What if the main faucet of Eve would run dry and leave us scavenging for loot to build both our ships and dreams? Sounds pretty inconvenient, am i right? Still, this would make for a healthier economy and more meaningful PvE. I’m all for adjusting this, gradually reducing bounty payout, to zero, or at least to 50%.

Eve has become too easy here. We need to fix this.


You didn’t explain this part.

You just said.

“What if we stopped all bounties?”
“This would make for a healthier economy.”

But you didn’t explain why.
Can you explain why stopping all nullsec bounties would lead to a healthier economy?
And how would just stopping all bounties lead to more “meaningful” PvE?


At best, this would be addressing the symptoms and not the causes. But this is leaning towards the worst: you have not clearly specified why this is a problem. Your post is “PVE is broken” and your argument is “nullsec ratting makes too much money” - doesn’t make too much sense, honestly.

:red_circle: Null sec only makes so much ISK because CCP threw any form of balance with the tub, water, bathroom, house, town, baby and dog out of the window when they changed capitals and super capitals in particular to the “active gameplay”. Since then CCP has been beating around the bush to limit ISK influx but not once have they admitted that they made a huge mistake. Worse, they blamed the PVE itself and all players for creating the issues and punished everyone by increasing anom spawn time instead of actually fixing capitals and super capitals in particular.

PVE is not broken. It is basically the same as it has always been and it did not create these issues in the past when the tools to work with it were still balanced. The issues are the tools, not the PVE. Make it so that supers cannot rat at all anymore beyond dunking capital spawns and you have fixed most of the issues. They do not have any need for light fighters. Instead, supers should only be able to launch heavy fighters which should work exclusively against capitals similar to capital guns by virtue of sig radius increase that severely reduces application on targets below 40km sig radius. Titans have already been culled in that fashion by removing their ability to use HAW guns and increasing the Boson sig radius values. Supers should get the same treatment.

Once you have done that, you could even think about introducing actual capital PVE where they can use their strengths but don’t harm sub cap PVE.

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I thought they made them?

Despite the bad premise. The notion of moving some of the null ratting reward to physical items is worth exploring for managing cash flow. It’s come up before and seemed like a lot of people were interested.

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Considering the recent increase in Heavy Fighter tubes (one short of total Fighter tubes), a decrease in Light Fighter tubes wouldn’t be a bad idea (make it less than non-super carriers) :+1:

Arent those caps that are paid for/built stockpiled for eventual use in PvP?

Most of them out there are stockpiled in the hundrets in the big blocks for as you said eventual war.

But a lot of 0.0 Players have at least one as a ratting ship Where you collect bountis between 90 to 120mil in 20 min.
A friend had one fitted to warp speed (warped faster as my old rattlesnake with implants) with Paper tank lower than a normal pvp carrier. Maximum isk/h.
Thats the issue the people stated before
Generating to much isk out of “nowhere” and causing isk to loose what its worth

Interestingly, exactly the opposite is happening. A year ago it took roughly 4 million ISK to purchase 1 PLEX. Today it is roughly 2.7 million ISK = 1 PLEX. ISK has appreciated in value by roughly 33% relative to PLEX while the value of PLEX has remained constant - CCP hasn’t changed the real world price they charge for PLEX or the price for goods sold in the New Eden store. Bounty payouts are climbing in the past few months - hopefully CCP will address that - but they are still down 40% compared to the first quarter of 2019.

The introduction of relist fees caused sell prices for many items to rapidly fall and buy prices to rapidly converge to sell prices. There is no apples-to-apples comparison from now to the same point in last year due to relist fees.

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The way to truly fix this is to remove missions, incursions, and invasions from high sec. People need to move to where they are supposed to live. CCP has it right.

Are you ignoring that plex are dropping, because of all the farmers and rorqual miners stopping plexing their alts?

I hate krabs too, but dont forget to include the renter krabs and the krabs not in Blocs

Oh no, of course not. PLEX has been dropping for a long time, but a massive, very sharp drop in price occurred only very recently in a very short period of time (days)


Let’s multiply the isk payout for high by 10 and reduce any bounty payout in null to 0…

At least null is anarchy space and the ‘owners’ are proud of it right?

So WHY is there even a bounty payout in concord uncontrolled space?


Can you IMAGINE the shitstorm the goon will run for their main income falling apart?

This will NEVER happen as long as the goons are dominating CSM…


i think you guys cry to much but +1 to nerf null
and ok …I’m up to a buff in high sec stuff if you want it so much
count me in

PS: plz suport nerfing low sec missions moar and buffing low sec plexing to

Remember the blackout rage?

Something very similar would happen here…

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I LOLD a lot , the salt was real

And what is wrong about prices dropping?

Plex are meant to be an alternative for subbing your account,an item that is subject of supply and demand…

And furthermore there is no RIGHT for any seller to make profit…if you can’t sell with profit sell something else…

CCP is already way to anxious with this market regulation thing…in my eyes they should really set a maximum price for any item on the market…as i said…no right for profit for any seller…just the right to not sell… :slight_smile:

In my eyes 1.x billion for 30 days playtime is way out of hand…and this goes for many items on the market.

Nothing bad about market regulation CCP… :stuck_out_tongue:

yah , we in low and high make s&it isk , the plex are dropping , its about dam time
no more rorquals making 2 bil a day, i have bros on goons , lots of people quitting , F them lol
they were not fitted for the game anyway , just trash that played in the bizarre EZ mode era