Why the scope hires so many capsuleers

(Told directly from character, think it would be cool to use as canon, but not sure how that comes about.)

The Scope generally uses capsuleers under its banner to collect footage that they piece together for stock footage, or even run it like a reality show if it’s exciting enough, but there are quite a few capsuleers who spend some time at the desk either indefinitely or just when they aren’t feeling the urge to fly. it’s mostly just proofreading articles. make small corrections, send them back, they get published. I asked someone when i had the chance why the hell us capsuleers must clearly be doing someone else’s job, and i was given this story:

It goes back to an old isolated incident where a scope reporter interviewed a caldari crewman. since he was a baseliner and a low ranking one at that, he used the entire interview as a braggadocios rant about the caldari navy, himself as a person, and the occasional garden variety threat about what he’d do if he had a gallentean right in front of him. the reporter just submitted the interview in full and let the editors decide if it was worth anything. at that point in time, the interview would be transcribed from the caldari text that was written down and transcribed into gallentean. it would then be read over by editors, figuring where it would be best placed and if the interview needs shortening up for space. they get done with that and that day’s news would be complete.

the articles would then be transcribed a second time. this was so it could be read by anyone who cared to read it, anyone who might have a special dialect, like for example, residents of luminare. No one seems to remember what system this took place in, but at the time of the interview’s publishing, there had been a special jelly filled pastry that was the running fad of the time. this pastry just so conveniently had a name that was, by sheer luck, an exact match for the translation of a slang term used by the caldari crewman in the interview. everyone in the area received an article where in the middle of a caldari crewman’s chest-beating manifesto he would call himself a jelly pastry.

Rather than pay a bunch of baseliners a full wage however, they had a lot of capsuleers bumming around on company time and not in the mood to fly, so they would negotiate that in exchange for proofreading dialect translations of their home system, they pay their rent and bar tabs on a company dime. So that’s why Scope has so many capsuleers that from the perspective of other capsuleers, aren’t doing much.

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