Why would anybody kill a capsule?

I was recently having my first visit to low-sec to grab something I had bought, I undocked, turned on auto-pilot and grabed a sandwhich. I came back and I was dead, I wasn’t carrying anything and It did nothing but innconvence me, so why did thay do it?

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Auto-pilot = Death

Or they just want you to sink more money on implants

Because they could. Seeing someone autopiloting offends some people. If it happened when you’ve got nothing, imagine what it will be like when your cargo is worth something.
Too bad you got blown up, but it is a good thing you got this lesson before it got expensive.

Here’s you obligatory

“Welcome to eve, htfu.”


A: Eve is a PvP game.
B: You were in lowsec, you get a warning for a reason when you enter lowsec.
C: You were using autopilot, which makes you incredibly easy to catch and kill.
D: You were AFK in a PvP game (see A).

Why wouldn’t they shoot you?


I always thought of it as a way to get rid of old stale implants.


I don’t think it offends pvp’ers…

I think that it makes you an amazingly easy target for those that would have shot at you anyway, given more of a chance to.

As for why would they kill your pod… I seen pod kills well into the 100 billion mark worth of implants.
Here is one for 7.5 billion

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Why shoot pods?

To get to the gooey center of course. :3


Desperately seeking Chloe :stuck_out_tongue:


While I’m not really a massive fan of PvP (for what it’s worth, I tend to do a mix of missions, PvE, mining, and manufacturing) even I recognise that you need to be fully engaged in the game when you un-dock if you want to stay safe’ish.

Most people (and this includes me) regard the use of autopilot as a fairly sloppy piloting, but even if you take a more tolerant view, it does tend to advertise, fairly obviously, the fact that you’re either distracted and/or AFK and/or vulnerable.

The other thing is, it’s a bit rubbish too, I don’t really get why people would use it. You end up miles from any jump gate that you warp to and the minutes that it takes to fly in to the sweet spot for jumping leaves you really vulnerable to attack.

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Need to go 30 jumps through high-sec, and you’re not in a hurry? Get into a shuttle, put auto-pilot on and go watch an episode of the Simpsons.

Auto-pilot out of high-sec is obviously suicide though.

Also the pod is close to the reactor inside the ship, so clones are technically being irradiated 23/7. You should really refresh them on occasion to keep in tip-top shape.


Fleet Commander(FC): “Kill the pod.”

They always have friends. Kill the pod recon.


Pod is just another ship.
All ships are targets.
Often pods are more expensive than the ship itself.
Pods still provide intel or allow an FC to remain to issue commands.
Why Not?

To force you to re-appear back at your home station. This forces you out of the zone where you lost your ship, so you can no longer:

  1. Spy and tell your friends what ships they have.
  2. Whine about your death in the local chat channel.
  3. If you’re a fleet commander (FC) or a scout for your fleet, makes your job harder.

Because it inconveniences you. EVE is a PVP game, and a big part of it is the psych warfare of inconveniencing the enemy. Pods often have implants in them, but the game gives no indication of it, so people tend to kill all pods and look it up in the killmail to see what you had.

But when people whine in local, it doubles the fun. I could listen to salty whining all day long.

When I lose my ship, I don’t invest even the slightest peep into local but try to get away as quickly as possible. Had several journeys in a pod through NullSec this way…

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