Wide Mode gone?

This might be PEBCAK but I just refreshed the forums and it went fully squish mode, vertical browsing for mobile style. I am pretty sure I didn’t mess with the settings, and looking through them I can’t for the life of me find the ‘maek wide again’ butan.

Did ya’ll just remove that functionality or did something break here?
Firefox, uBlock Origin, DDG Privacy Essentias, Win10 Desktop.

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The theme was removed as it broke other functions of the forum. Such as changing default forum languages and all. It may be back in the future if those issues are resolved.


Weeeeell crap. That just makes it close to unusable. Thanks for the quick reply, anyhow.

I’ll pass up that users did enjoy the theme and it does serve a purpose.


Very much appreciated, thank you.


Please do. The forum is useless like this, and wastes a full 40% of so of my screen.

There was a wide mode?

Almost since the very inception of these new boards. At first, it was a mod, then they added the functionality in general.

There was!

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No, it hasn’t. We’ve gotten no updates on whether or not you guys are going to do anything to restory full-screen capability. I don’t have widescreen monitors so I can enjoy cellphone screen-formatting.

@ISD_Golem you passed this up the chain. Any response from up the chain? 3 months isn’t an unreasonable window to expect at least a ‘ok, they got back to me to say they’re [considering / not considering] this issue.’

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Yeah, it still goes back to the issues discourse has with custom forum themes. Specifically the main issue is with wide mode was that you couldn’t revert to the original discourse layout. The “Save” button was not appearing. Especially problematic for people changing the forum theme to wide and then wanting to change the default language to their region’s language. They weren’t able to.

I would suggest making a dedicated thread asking for Wide mode to be back in this subforum so that CCP can see it and view the support for it. Cause when I relayed up before it was this single thread and a few individuals that liked it. The more the merrier you know.

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