Please Restore Wide Mode for the Forums

Months ago, the forum was able to be loaded in a wide format that used the entire width of the screen. For some reason, Discourse doesn’t show the ‘save’ button in that setting, and this was causing problems, especially for people wanting to have the forums load into their native languages.

CCPlease, can we get a fix for this that will allow us to restore the full-width format for the forum? As it is, wide-screen monitors are using only about half of our screens, with the rest of it completely wasted by background filler. Wasted space means the actual text area ends up cluttered, and reduces the number of posts that can be loaded on-screen.

This is the old format:

It was a much better use of space than the current/default mobile-formatted Discourse UI. Please, CCP, is there some way to find a work-around? Is this something Discourse devs have to do?


i second this

Bumping the top post in forum feedback thread after 2 months, for ‘more visibility’ :wink:

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