Is this off the shelf forum the best you could do?

This is clearly a forum. and not even a good one.

Boring, poorly formatted and just wastes a lot of space.

Advise try again, if I was a new play and looked at this I would this it a bad fan made site.

Do better CCP please.

have you looked at the alternate theme which is wider?

It’s actually the most advanced forum software they could have chosen, but a lot of the features are less than obvious.

A few of the highlights: It’s easier on the moderators, it has thread cross-referencing features that are nonexistent in other forums, it has an amazing summary mode for extracting the gems out of threadnaughts, it has great embedding support, and a lot of other little things that take time to to find and get used to, but actually make for a better discussion platform, like @mentions.

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And yet it’s the most commonly phased out supplier …

how much do you pay it ?

Am I blind? Where is the option to change?

edit: nvm found it. wide (experimental) isnt that much better.