Will Give to In-Game Applicant

Will Give to In-Game Applicant.

Send me your email request…

Obviously you haven’t been following my thread.

100m :smiley:

100,5 M

20 bil

Only downside to this is the poor guy will likely end up getting SP ejected to make it cost profitable.

25 bill

30 bil!

This is sad. Rupee could give away a toon to the person who got the last blow on his officer loot pinata in dodixie a year or two ago. I don’t see how the original thread was different. Then again, maybe they had stopped him too, and I just didn’t know about it.

Op, can I have some stuff?

Daily thwack.

Daily bounce.

Well i have 800k sp so deffo come in handy for me!

did I win lol

Please do not open multiple sales threads for the same character. Thank you.