Will this become a thing again?

Will this become again a doable thing with the warpstab ban from FW sites?

This are ganks of FW targets in Highsec and has nothing to do with FW sites which are all in lowsec.

I would argue that it is not even ganking. Ganking tends to mean a non-consensual PvP attack, where the aggressor knows that concord will destroy their ships, not the other player.

FW is consensual PvP. You joined making you a target no matter what space. So no ganking there.

As for Stabs… I have an alt in FW for fun. He runs PLEXes to fund his PvP. I never run stabs but am also rarely caught unless I want to be. I have my dscan up and set at 5 AU. If a ship shows up, I have ample time to decide do I want to stay and fight or run. Removing stabs won’t change that.

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gank = rape… you know when your butt is sore.

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This is eve online
Put on trailer music

So I am a rapist now?


You avatar of old always looked suspect. :upside_down_face:


Damn, caught! :laughing:

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I thought when warpstabs are gone from FW, we might see again more people doing normal missions in hisec while being in FW

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