Will we see more custmation to ships

not like the holograms we say in a fanfest more like T3 were it changes the stats of the ship

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Probably not as it would be a nightmare to balance. That’s why only a certain few ships currently have that feature…

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they really do need to make more skins, skins that actually looks good too, have unique designed that’s lore based, not just have hello kitty skins,

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I wish there were things similar to particles in Minecraft or other games, where you can get ship effect customizations as well as a livery change. The pink exhaust trails and lights on The Pulse’s Pacifier is a perfect example. I would love to see very visible ship effects for killmarks as well, sich as a ship giving of a ring of light with the number of points equal to the number of killmarks, when hit with a firework, on top of the firework explosion.

Just thoughts…

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